Thursday, September 1, 2011

National prepardeness month


I know it's fall when someone at home keeps closing the windows when I go to sleep so they don't get cold. I can't wear less than naked sleeping on the bed with no covers so perhaps they should wear more, it's easy to dress to be warmer... but what do I know. I used to never get cold but I lost  85 pounds and had to actually buy winter pants since the shorts were no longer making the grade. I also can't find my favorite battery pack headlamp along with half of my cold weather running gear. Must be in storage.

Be Ready, be Prepared! FEMA want's everyone to sign up and be a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member. I did it as I believe the government has the best intentions and will be there when I need them: 
Here are the listed benefits:
  • Countless suggestions and ideas for activities and events
  • Ready-to-use templates and messaging, including posters, web banners, press releases, articles, Facebook Status Updates and Tweets for Twitter, plus more!  We even have materials that you can customize.
  • A calendar for you to post your event and see what else is happening around the country
  • Tracking software installed on your computer just in case a disaster strikes
  • Your very own pushpin on the FEMA Food Hoarder Map
  • Participation in local preparedness events and activities in your community
  • Free photo opportunities and updates on your DoHS file you might not have known existed
  • Access to resources and be able to collaborate with thousands of fellow members across the country on ways to participate and get your community involved.
  • An updated Obama 2012 Tatoo
  • Simple gun registration forms with a new and improved 'about my neighbor' section
  • "Feel Good" vibes and an American flag sticker proclaiming you are patriotic


  1. FYI,
    There is a Preparaness Expo in Denver on September 16 and 17,

    You can go to rat out to the DHS what weirdo neighbors show up there.

  2. Gosh, where do I sign up....and be sure and bring a list of all my weapons serial numbers too.

  3. Stephen, just send them to me and I'll make sure the proper authorities inspect them.

  4. Were you planning to go to the expo Mudbug? I was thinking about going on the 17th and checking it out. I was surprised it's a Fri. and Sat. instead of Sat and Sun. Must have been better rates.

    I'm sure there will be lots of stuff I want, and probably some neat stuff I actually need even if it's just ideas.

  5. Max, I'm thinking I might go on the 17th too, and might dragoon my wife's friend's husband to go so I don't have to drive 4 hours by myself. Besides, gives the wives a chance to complain about how crazy their husbands are.

  6. Way out there but if you drive up via i25 and wanted to car pool let me know, company car and I don't have to pay for gas. I suspect you might drive up 285 though.
    or I could be a cannibal.

    I'm looking forward to checking it out, maybe it will be like Costco and have free samples of food, guns, ammo, etc.

  7. I’ve never gone the 285 route. I’d rather just one mountain crossing and I-25 all the way up at 80mph. Let me check on carpooling, that might be a good idea.