Thursday, September 15, 2011

Practice morning

I went to bed early last night. I took my friend running and it was raining out but I just figured it would let up and stop like normal... FAIL! I think I had 2 inches of water in my pants when I got home. I love running in the rain, I hate starting to run in the rain. I got home and was soaked and cold so I took a shower and added blankets on the bed and was sleeping. I don't sleep well, my head is jacked up, but once in a while I can manage more than 4 hours a night. If I'm out of town I sleep like a cat.

So I woke up this morning, quick shower, got dressed and went to shave and the damn bulb was out in the bathroom.. all 4 of them. That's odd... oh ha, the power is out.
5 inches or more of rain at the house and as you may know my house is old and sits on the oldest power grid in the city. I ran through my mental checklist for when I come home;
Water heater: don't expect hot water, heat water on coleman stove. Fridge: don't open it, get ice on the way home for the cooler. Wine Fridge: who cares but a nice red goes great with emergency food! Alarm System: battery backup working. Lights: candles, flashlights, matches in place

The list for a longer than 12 hour outage is more intense since then I have to worry about the freezer. Nothing to it, normal day so I headed to Starbucks. Yes, I like Starbucks green tea, I'm a communist. After dodging drivers at the various red (well not red) lights and getting my road rage practice I arrive and proclaim that I win! Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning, it's that time of year for the flavors of the season so I figured why not.

People at work are late (my clock didn't work), didn't shower (it was too dark in the bathroom), etc. People are talking about what will happen if it doesn't come back on soon and I casually mention something about 'what if it never comes back on'. No one appreciates me sometimes.

The only worry I had about a long term power outage was heat. I have a lot of propane and 2 heaters but it's hard to say how long that would last. I know all the tricks of staying warm and such but it's still a small concern. I've been debating changing my gas stove to wood and since I'm concerned I think I'll look into it. Just need a new stove and extend the stovepipe another 35 feet up over the house.

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  1. You're thinking like a survivalist..good for you. Woodstove is a smart idea.