Thursday, September 29, 2011

Operation woof!

I was on top of my rig this strapping down some gear for the trip tomorrow night, had the gate open waiting for roto rooter to come clean out the roots in the drain line (see, old houses are so much fun!). I noticed 2 dogs coming up the block, but didn't see anyone with them and they looked very happy to be roaming free. I hopped down and went to the gate and the labradoodle started barking up a storm and backing up into the street. Crap. Everyone that drove by went real slow for once, but of course no one stopped to help. The other dog was a bulldog and came storming into the yard sniffing and huffing and.. well British like. The doodle charged in behind it and I closed the gate hoping the dogs were friendly enough for the rescue to be completed.

The family who owned the dogs had just gotten the bulldog from the pound (that's why he wasn't scared of me, he had just been busted out of dog prison) and were very worried when I called their number (and this is why collars and readable tags are a must) but couldn't be here for an hour. They 1/2 mile away so I told them not to panic, the dogs were enjoying the grass and all the dog toys in the yard. My boys were not pleased to be in the house, not one bit. I just couldn't handle 4 dogs in case they didn't get along.

The rooter guy came and left. I managed to keep the rescue dogs out of the basement and the owners came and were really happy with what I had done for them. They couldn't figure out how they got out of the fenced yard so I suggested they lock the gates even if it turns out to be a pain in the ass, you can be sure no one will walk by and open it. Securing your gates is one step closer to having a more secure house.

The dogs got snacks, lot's of grass to play in, pets and scratches, big water drinks (even from the hose!) and they were safely back home after a big adventure. This was probably the 8th rescue operation this year, all with happy endings. Be kind and do unto others seems to still be working out well for me. Loads of good karma before the road trip can't hurt.


  1. good job my friend! and yes - be kind and do unto others - when put in practice makes for some very good karma coming back your way!

    enjoy the trip and fill us in on all the gorey details when you return!

    your friend,

  2. Good for you. 'Course when the 'day' arrives, dogs make good survival chow....