Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall is here and so are some packages.

I have worn myself physically thin the last few weeks and I forgot I had some stuff arriving so I was surprised and happy when I got the call for some packages. I like to order stuff, I'm a junkie.

3 more IV kits for my 2nd trauma bag, some Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly tubes, 2 snake bite kits, some more water-jel burn dressing, etc. I forgot to order some suture kits but they are on my list for next order day.

26 #10 cans of various long term storage items like instant milk, butter powder, flavored vegetable protein, etc. I had to swing by Home Depot after work to get another rack. I realized the one in my office is too valuable as a catch all for my diving gear, photography gear, rock climbing gear, etc. I got a small metal rack but happen to have the longer shelves so I will expand it instead of paying the extra $35 for the next size up.

Backwoods Home Magazine showed up too! The first one I looked at had an article on Wash Day talking about a wringer washer and hanging clothes up to dry. The next article was about a survival storeroom. I guess all those kids in school were right, I was raised in the backwoods since the first 2 things I read about is exactly how I grew up. That old wringer washer did the trick, but if you tried to ring out blue jeans and didn't pull one leg up so the cuffs were uneven the wringer would get stuck and make a horrible racket. My Dad hated when I did that, but every once in a while I wouldn't pay attention when doing laundry.

My water barrels are full again, the grass is happy it's raining and I had a really good run tonight. Fall reminds me how easy I have it now compared to growing up. Fall is when we would move the outhouse, finish stacking all the wood we cut and split for the winter, winterize the well pump house and get ready for hunting season. I never saw one animal in the woods in all my years hunting but I enjoyed walking all day learning stuff from Dad, or just sitting in silence enjoying nature at it's best.

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  1. Good for you. You seem well on your way. I too love Fall this best.