Friday, September 9, 2011

Contagion review (no spoilers)

A movie like this can be really scary if you think too much during and after but perhaps it will cause some people to think just enough. No spoilers and if you have seen the previews then you will have seen anything I might mention.

I liked that the movie didn't really have 1 main character the entire time, there was some focus on just about everyone and without flashbacks or 10 different viewpoints. This prevented me from getting too focused on 1 person and let me really enjoy the movie. I know it's a movie and I just go to be entertained so I don't expect much more than that.

I don't think really got it right when you have a massive epidemic as far as food looting, riots and panic in a SHTF scenario. Everyone seemed way too calm and I think in reality (from what I have seen overseas when basic services shutdown and there isn't any food) it would be a disaster. Perhaps they didn't want to frighten people too much and were focusing on the actual epidemic so I will cut them some slack for that since that could be a long movie in itself.. I really liked the movie and am going to see it again on Sunday with some other friends. I would highly recommend watching it.

Here are some things I thought about after the movie:
1. I don't have enough food (was just a thought, I have a lot but after the movie
2. The government is here to help once they help themselves
3. If this were a real event it would cause complete anarchy in a matter of about 10 days
4. Having a shotgun next to your glass front door while you are elsewhere is ridiculous
5. My phobia for airports, buses and handrails is into overdrive. Watching a sick person in the movie touch a railing after he coughed on his hand gave me the shivers. I've seen that happen plenty of times.
6. The "defection" rate of the military and law enforcement would be huge

Go see it, eat some over salted popcorn (I mean wow) and sneak your snacks in like usual.

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