Monday, May 25, 2015

6 hours of sunshine!

It's been an unusually rainy spring, only a few days without rain in the last 30+ days. This past week was no different and we are hoping the garden seeds will survive. Cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon, tomatoes, bush beans, lettuce, onions, asparagus...

Here is some food from my last trip

Similar for sure! I actually rarely eat breakfast but when I'm on a trip somewhere I make it a habit so I have the energy levels for the whole day.

Work is still kicking me in the ass. I'm in the process of hiring an assistant but until then it's overload and non-stop action. This coming weekend I'm heading to the cabin to do a few projects and get it ready for the summer. Once the 20th of June rolls around my workload levels out so we will be enjoying a lot of cabin and ATV time.

The gym has been kind to me and the running is actually improving again. It's honestly miserable and painful but I'm just pushing through it. Once I start riding my bike my ankles and hips should get a little more flexible. Sometimes age and abuse catches up with me faster than I would prefer.

It's memorial day and I'm going to get an ice cream bar.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Airport downtime update

I decided not to look and see how long it's been since I updated the blog.... it might be depressing. I've had the best of intentions on getting a post done, but either haven't had the time, energy or both.

Life is treating us well and keeping us busy. This morning I'm in Indiana waiting to get on a plane to head back home for a few days. I always get to the airport hours ahead of time, an old habit of being on the no fly list. The extra time let's me catch up on things that are actually important, like this blog and reading what's going on in with the blogs I follow.

The garden is planted finally, it seemed like the rain and snow wouldn't let up but I took a risk and got everything planted lest weekend. Since then it's been raining a lot but the snow and frost line hasn't made it too far down the mountains. So far it's been a wet year, but there hasn't been flooding. The water in the city neighborhood was very high, just a few inches form cresting the banks. I checked on my friends house and family while he was away and besides the kids being stuck inside everything was great. Since they took care of our house in the flooding 2 years ago, I always look for chances to help out.

The cabin is great, when we get the chance to head down. My new duties at work have grown (as expected) and I'm looking to hire an administrative assistant really soon. I discussed it yesterday and while part of me feels bad for asking for help, letting something important slip through the cracks isn't acceptable.

At the cabin we planted 18 apple tree's and 12 pounds of clover. The spring was damned up and just needs some finishing rock work to make it look great. The spot we chose for the damn might have had 100 gallons of held water, now it's closer to 500 if not more. Luckily we have the ATV's and a trailer so we can haul rocks wherever we need.
The ATV's are now legal to drive on the county roads, making it so much easier to access the 100 mile rainbow trail system. There are sections that take 2 hours, due to being so damn rough and bumpy, that we can now bypass quickly. It might actually bring more tourism to the area, for us it's just a real convenience.
Apple tree's

The spring damns mid design

The yard is nice and green, the clover is filling in fast

This weekend is work, next weekend is cabin time.

We will then be in the West Indies for 8 days for a much needed scuba diving trip. We started making plans to visit Seattle friends and attend a conference, that might have just gotten scrubbed by an unexpected work meeting landing right in the middle of the expected time away.
Rome has been booked and paid up for August, 10 days for our 20th anniversary. We decided to pay the extra for business class so we can lay flat and sleep on the way over, preventing jet lag and wasting a day.

Working out is still going great. Running, weights, cross fit, boxing, etc. The balance I've achieved with all of that, and my eating, has been working for months and I'm really enjoying it. Can't wait to hike the 14ers at the cabin and see how much of an improvement over last summer I have made.

In closing, enjoy Rock!