Monday, August 31, 2015

Italy part 2, photo heavy

One of them many palaces we wandered into had an amazing display of arms and armor. I could have spent hours on this floor alone, I hope you enjoy the photo's as much as we enjoyed the display. The lighting was horrible so I did the best I could but with so many windows it was hard to get clean pictures.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


When we head out of town we let a few friends know that the cabin is available if they want to get out of town and relax (plus it's occupied for safety). I suppose they aren't house guests, more like... oh heck, I don't know.
They always have a great time and the big family group leaves us notes about how much fun they had riding the ATV's and spending time in the mountains. Sometimes I leave notes like "if you use the washing machine, please turn off the water and unplug it when done".

New notes will read:
'if you ride the ATV's please don't ride around the property and kill all the grass and clover we have spent months getting to look perfect, there are hundreds of miles of roads and trails starting just 30 feet away'
'you shouldn't smoke, but if you do, please don't toss your filters in the driveway'
'when you spill something on one of my books please let me know so I can buy another one and not have a surprise when trying to read it'
Frustrating when people don't leave it better than they found it, makes us rethink letting people use it.

Funny how particular I am about the cabin and am no where near the same way about the city house.

Back in the swing of things for a couple of weeks until we head to Paris. Work was like walking into a wind tunnel with cows crapping on the fans but we both survived. We both had to fire people and we are trying to hire people but that's next to impossible. If they show up for the easy interview they rarely make it to the drug testing and when they do that don't pass. The ones that do make it and pass get fired for getting a speeding ticket going 91 in a 75 (with customers in the vehicle). It's not like they don't know they are being tracked/monitored.

I've taken care of the next few months of long term storage items to be auto shipped, made sure we have plenty of canning supplies so we can start on the next month, updated inventories, etc. Still need to hire someone to stain the cabin and we need to find someone who delivers firewood but both seem hard to find right now.
The garden is doing awesome and for the next few weeks we will just hand out free veggies until we are ready to get canning/pickling. We might get double the harvest vs. last year so it should be fun trying to store all of the jars when we are done.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

10 days in Italy, part 1.

A person can only take so much and I am no different. I'm a tourist, and I'm obviously spoiled since I believe in hygiene, deodorant, brushing my teeth, being polite, etc.

So spoiled...

Finally back home after out anniversary trip and as usual with all things in our lives, the trip was great with a lot of little disasters sprinkled in. From having to book 4 different hotel rooms until we found one that really was 5 star, to riding the commuter train that smelled so bad (from the people on it) that I almost threw up, to fulfilling a lifelong dream by standing on the arena floor of the Colosseum, etc.

Overall the trip was amazing and I have a lot of pictures to go through but I thought I would post a few. I don't want to bore anyone with history and there is always google but if anyone wants info just post a comment and I'll get back with you. Little things like Julius Caesar wasn't killed in the Senate building, etc... things a lot of people don't know.

Colosseum, one of my favorite photo's from the trip

First King of the united Italy, 1820-1878

Pantheon Roof. 

Pantheon columns outside the door

Floor of a basilica we wandered into

The forums of the emperors, started by Caeser in about 43bc.

Trajans column, 113ad, depicting the victories in the Dacian wars

Hallways in our 2nd hotel, previous vatican treasures storage and palace

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, 141ad with church on top from 700ad

Arch of Titus, 82ad depicting siege and looting of Jerusalem 

2 underground levels from Domitians residence on Palatine Hill, 81-96ad

Picture this covered in marble and marble statues filling the niches 500bc-250+ad.