Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Concealed carry, is it just so difficult?

"Witnesses said a man pulled up outside the IHOP in a blue minivan. He had a rifle and shot a man on a motorcycle, then walked inside the restaurant and started shooting, said Ralph Swagler, owner of Locals Barbecue in the same strip mall as the IHOP.
Swagler told the Reno Journal-Gazette that after several minutes, the man walked outside and began firing into the Locals Barbecue and an H&R Block in the strip mall."

I've read a bunch of reports that say the shooter was wounded, so maybe there is a glimmer of hope that someone actually defended themselves, details aren't clear. I remember my Dad telling me to fight back, no matter if it was with a gun, a knife or even the nearest chair. Don't stand in line while the shooter goes from person to person, do whatever it takes to try and survive. You might get hurt or die, but chances are you were going to anyhow so make the effort and perhaps you can change the outcome.

Someone could have at least tossed the pot of acidic stomach rotting IHOP coffee on him. Honestly the guy should have been shot dead as soon as he walked in the door, he already had started his offensive action. I would have been drawn down on the door waiting had I been in the situation. I wasn't and can only say what I think I would have done but I don't have a brand on my ass and I refuse to be cattle.


  1. Amen. I preach it constantly, fight back. Otherwise you're nothing but bait.

  2. I'm blogging about this one today:


    Temple University shot a mugger. Off campus. School reiterates its stance of no weapons on campus.

    I think the coward shot himself.

  3. If he got shot at for refusing, that means they were going to kill him anyway (IMO). Good for him, bad he got shot but he is alive, bad for the university not wanting to change the policy. No weapons policies are great for the bad guys.

    I carry everyone but work (no weapons policy for employee's and I love my job) and when running (sweat is corrosive and I can't take the added weight). I do carry a knife (I mean utility tool, since that's not a weapon) during these times so I can at least make the effort.

  4. I just saw an update and he did shoot and kill himself. Saves the money for his incarceration and lawyer but it's an unfortunate savings at the cost of others lives.