Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola shopping....

We finally made it to Costco yesterday after a few weeks of attempting to be together at the same time for a few hours. Family time is important with the in-laws, so I never complain and am good with being alone. Between the homestead, the cabin, the dog, the gym, reading, running, etc. I never have a spare moment anyhow.

Costco installed some new tall coolers for things like cheese, lunchmeat, etc. so they have some new products that I was hoping to check out. In a large fail however, they put sample people at the end of each cooler isle, blocking half of it. My anxiety level was already on red alert (I'm a people person, honest....) so instead of ramming people and carts, we deftly avoided the area and went for the dry goods. That's always empty.

even in a pandemic....

As I was paying, a lady in line behind us asked where our bakery was at so she could stop by. I looked at her with a "what" look on my face and she pointed to my cart.

20 pounds of flour and 10 pounds of sugar and some assorted meats.

My reply was, "doesn't anyone cook, thats only enough for a month of cooking."

Lady says, "then I guess you don't have a bakery so I can't stop by."

Yup, nobody cooks, or as it was pointed out to me on the drive home: she was wanting some special morning buns....

I'm also out of evaporated milk, so no pumpkin pie last night. Sad family dinner night with just chocolate chip brownies. I'm a horrible prepper.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update and unbiased awesome self shot photo's....

Mother in law is back home and ready to start the targeted radiation on the brain lesions on Friday (if all goes well with scheduling). She is just about back to normal, but that will only last so long without the radiation. As with all things in life, we have no idea how much quality time this will provide, but there are already talks of Hawaii and other things she has wanted to do but put off.
6 months, 1 year, 10 years... nobody knows so as with all things, we can only do the best in the time we are given. Last night was only the second time we were both home, sleeping in the same bed, in 2+ weeks.

Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers. I consider you all blogging friends and it does mean something when you post your thoughts.

In the meantime we did get away as I mentioned in a previous post for some cabin time. This included riding ATV's in the freezing cold and some scenery hunting. It was an easy hunt, I could take photo's all day of the area.
The difference between the two homesteads is amazing, the city one has almost all the leaves on the tree's still, most of the green. The cabin will have no leaves in another week and I've had the fireplace cranked up when we are hanging out there.

I've been focusing on adding to our preps and getting ready for winter. Black Friday sales will be here soon, I tend to do a large purchase of long term supplies during those sales (online only, not doing retail mob riots). We still  have several hundred tomatoes on the vine, ripe ones are getting snacked on, green ones are awaiting salsa making. The weather shows about 2 more weeks before frost, so that's more taco toppings, salad fixings, etc. while we wait.

Here are some pictures out of the dozens and dozens. I'm going to get some printed and framed for the cabin, the walls are bare. I hope you have a good monitor, they look amazing on my iMac.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

From better to bad to worse to wtf?

They say in Colorado if you want the diagnosis about a loved one to change, just wait 12 hours..

Something like that?

The issues moth run law is going through after the hysterectomy aren't related to the procedure. They finally did a cat scan and found lesions and tumors in her brain. Inoperable of course, since why would we have anything easy in our lives.

Some steroids reduced the swelling, so she is almost back to normal and able to make decisions for herself so the family doesn't have to. If all remains stable they will start targeted radiation and hopefully put the cancer into remission for 6 months, a year, or who knows. She is able to eat and drink for the first time in almost a month, so that's refreshing, nobody likes living on an I.V.

The drama level is low for once, and if it wasn't for my allergies exploding I would actually have gotten some sleep. I have a bunch of fall and winter pictures to get off the camera and post, it was a beautiful weekend at the cabin until we had to bail out to the hospital again. It was a good anniversary and ATV riding day with friends (in a blizzard, with nasty wind and windchill).

Remember, if it's not exciting it wouldn't be in my life.

Rock is feeling a little left out so we are giving him walks, hikes and peanut butter spoons.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy 19th!

Thanks for keeping me around for an amazing 19 years. We've been together for almost 1/2 of our lives. Here is looking forward to more epic adventures, heartaches and dog loss sobbing.


 Like a small grove of aspens, we are often just 'there' for each other, but at times we really do shine.

Almost "normal" and some photo's.

So, it's been a busy couple of weeks but things have settled a bit. I feel almost back to normal, so I should be back around updating and reading again. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers, positive energy does help.

Mother in law should be out of the hospital on Monday, she is finally recovering well after a nightmare in a "recovery center" so she was readmitted and will soon be right as rain. Once she is fully recovered, it's time to tackle what ended up being stage 1 category 3a cancer (can't remember cancer of what).
The surgeon said she is the healthiest 76 year old he has ever seen, so she does have that going for her. We are expecting everything to be fine.

Wednesday was my Birthday so I got up early, 02:30, and drove up a rocky mountain road to watch the lunar eclipse. I'm a believer of spending quality time alone sometimes, and this was a great experience. Standing in the snow, watching the moon slowly vanish while listening to the water rush down the creek.
The original plan was to do a hike, but now that I'm 42 I made a wiser decision and cancelled the headlamp mountain side scramble. I suppose older is wiser.... sometimes. Here are some photo's from around the cabin from the last few weeks.