Thursday, November 14, 2013

When halfway is called hell...

I had some fun with my Mormon neighbor and a couple of work buddies. It was almost 70 degrees (again), couldn't ask for a better day to be in the middle of the street.
This was the 50 foot turn around for the prowler
50lb. medicine ball on the left, prowler on the right, metal skids on asphalt

Truck organizing skills...

Highland games regulation length hammers. Farmer carry bars in the background.
Then I went to the gym. I was worried if I didn't show up, my usual workout partner might decide to take an extra night off. Being accountable to someone is important in any fitness plan, especially for those who aren't self motivating. I went with lighter weights than normal but still got in an overall intense workout day.
The 5 day plan means I only have 4 more workouts left out of 30 (hence the circled 26). I wanted to get 30 days of really intense workouts with a lot of Olympic and strongman type workouts. I honestly think that anyone can eventually lift heavy weights or be strong or have endurance... but I want it all.
I'm a greedy little fool like that.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Allergies, workout knowledge, and some religion.

Yesterday morning saw an allergy attack that was the worst one, ever. I've been battling them the whole year and still haven't been able to ID the culprit for certain.
The sneezing was so bad, on top of the runny nose, that I ended up going home for a couple of hours until the medication kicked in. Unfortunately I think it's a reaction to one of the dogs, the longer haired one. I'm getting some more pharm grade medication, time to stockpile enough for one pill a day for 6 months.
Maybe I can shave down poor Luke.

Time for some workout stuff, sorry to bore everyone. I get asked a lot of stuff about working out and running, especially from coworkers.

What should I do: Something, anything, just start.
What if my knees hurt: Slow down or walk. If it's discomfort, push past it. If it's painful find out the root cause and address it. Walking is as close to a magic pill as you can get.
What should I eat: The same things you are eating now, until you discover that what you are eating is holding you back or not enough for the required energy levels.
What supplements should I take: None, it's all crap, going for a 3 mile run and then chugging 32 ounces of sports drink just set you back an extra mile. Protein shakes (with water only) and some amino acid type drink (with water only).
How do I get 6 pack abs: Diarrhea, it will help get rid of the water weight, have fun with that. Stop trying to impress everyone and work out for yourself.
Why does my lower back hurt after leg night: Too much weight or bad technique. Using muscles that don't get much work will make them angry. Stretch your hip flexor muscles, you should stretch for about 20 minutes a day total.
What is the best workout plan: The one you stick to for a year. There is no magic plan. Everything has an advantage and there is so much to pick from. Pick one, start, stick to it.
What web sites should I read: None. Paralysis by analysis doesn't help anyone. Start and then work on refining things like technique, isolation, form, etc. The guy doing 400 pound squats might only be going down 6 inches, but at least he is doing something.

I've been thinking a lot about religion lately. My cousin is very religious and I always remember her saying that she lets God lead her by the hand.
I don't want to be led around, I prefer to have God kick me in the ass from time to time. I'm part of the Cyrus Dallin family so that explains why I'm surrounded by Mormons I suppose. I spent years going to church, singing in the chorus, reading and learning. I really enjoy religious debates, I enjoy talking about the different beliefs between the faiths. No matter what anyone thinks or believes, when I'm outside at 2AM and looking up at the stars... well how much better does it get, I don't always care about the details.
I've learned to just try and live a good life, be a good person, and do what I know is the right thing. That's all any of us can strive for.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Odds-n-ends, that guy in the gym, summer in November.

It's November and there was a time in the past I would call it winter. No longer, it's an extended fall.
Watering the grass in November with weather in the high 50's (it was in the high 60's during the week). The grass is green, unlike the weeds everyone else is growing, Colorado is a shade of brown this time of year.
Wheat bread and chocolate chip brownies, batch #2. I used coconut oil instead of butter in the brownies, I didn't like them as much but it's healthier and I'll take any help I can give myself.

Those 3 photo's are from Saturday and Sunday night as we were out and about the city. I wanted another bread knife and was tired of being at home. Perfect excuse to go out and watch the sunset.

I'm very careful at the gym, removing a weight from the bar on each side so I don't cause an accident. Last night the guy next to me wasn't thinking and took all the weights off from one end of the bar (yes, leaving all of them on the other end, about 250 pounds worth). As anyone could predict, the bar flipped off the top of his squat rack and came at me with high speed. I use a squat rack for a lot of different things, it has bars that you can adjust to catch the weight if you have to drop it... or in this case if 'that guy' has a brain fart. I took it in stride, he was sorry, and I used another of my apparently numerous lives.
Some great WW2 photo's from theBRIGADE.

It's Veterans Day. Father in laws birthday is today so we got him a new coffee maker. I was looking at my Grandfathers photo's from WW2 and Korea and then my Dad's photo's from Vietnam. My Dad had about 100 or so pictures of beautiful women, my Grandfather has photo's of liberating France and his ship after it got hit with a Torpedo. My Father must have been adopted. My photo's from Iraq aren't very exciting, I wasn't really into photography and figured the sand in my ass was enough of a memory to last a lifetime.

Thanks to those who have served or are serving.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Last ride of the year?

We thought last weekend was going to be the last ride in the mountain. Yesterday was overcast and had us doing yard work until the sun popped over the clouds. We dropped the tools and bailed out of town.
view from the trailer, hayman fire burn area
view in the other direction, pikes peak in the distance
pikes peak from a trail head
The weather was 10 degrees cooler but in the tree's we didn't feel the wind, we added 35 miles to the ATV's. We took some harder trails and some less than traveled trails.
Standard trail in the Woodland Park and hayman burn area

The trail less traveled. My favorite trail so far, very hard in and out.
We got back in town and unloaded and I rushed into the kitchen. Our MAG meeting was yesterday and we don't want to show up without something from food storage. A lot of people bring stuff from the store for snacks but I we always make something from home. Last night it was pumpkin pie, since nothing beats a good homemade pie.
I realize it seems to be lacking crust, but with all the working out we do, lower carbohydrate is better (and who really eats the thick crust anyhow). We also needed bread for the week for sandwiches, so that got whipped up.
Yes, you are correct, those are chocolate chip brownies. Dual ovens are just so awesome. It's a great feeling to be able to make just about anything you eat, without having to go out and grocery shop. Right now we only buy meats, fruit and milk at the grocery store, in fact Costco hit us for $250 on Saturday... meat fest. The freezer is 90% full, the food storage is so full we are working on making more space and getting more shelving.

I try to get almost 300 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbohydrates and 70 grams of fat each day. The one day a week I don't workout I drop the carbohydrates to 70 and the fat to 35. I can hit the 35 grams of fat with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, so it takes planning and calculating before I open my mouth.
I'm debating signing up for a strongman competition in March. The only thing holding me back is there are no age or weight classes. I wouldn't win in any class or group, but it would be nice to compete with people my age and not those 20 years younger. I'm sure I could have a great time, and worst case is I train really hard and get in better shape. Win-Win!

In closing, have a random picture I took on Friday morning. This is looking to last years burn zone.