Sunday, September 11, 2011

I hope your day was good too!

Not only did I mow the lawn and give the grass a drink before 10am, but I went to the in-laws to help break down some boxes and get all the pods empty so they can be picked up. They must have purchased about 100 of the nice thick moving blankets and since they don't have use for them now, I will get about 20 of them. Perfect for laying on the tent floor, on the seats for the dogs, covering windows, and of course moving (but I'm planning to die in this house). What a good score.

I went to Costco and played bumper carts with everyone while they were trying to get free samples. They have the best prices on Blue and Green Machine drink. I made it out under $150 so I consider that a victory in itself.

The I decided to punish myself on another grueling trail run. Not only is this one hard as hell going up, it's twice as bad going down since you often have to find the trail at the top. It's washed out, rock covered and some spots you have to use all 4's to get down. The first 2.5 miles are an elevation gain of 1400 feet, then that's followed by 2 miles of loose dirt, rocks and boulders adding another 800 feet. Then you plummet down 2200 feet in the last 2.5 miles with huge ledges and scree slopes. I took 6 minutes off my best time.
Yes, there is a trail there and a city in the distance.
I also decided to wear something longer than my little track shorts so the branches would cut me up a little less. I don't understand why people were staring, it's not really a dress.
Hiking kilt made out of high quality wick-away material
It was getting dark and I rolled my left ankle so hard that my ankle bone hit the dirt. Lucky for me I sprained it really bad the same time I broke my right ankle, foot and leg on a 30 foot rock climbing fall. Now I get to roll either ankle all the way over and just giggle about it instead of having to get search and rescue. I'm not sure that makes up for the break but I'm still rock climbing and running so I guess it was just a lesson learned. 2 hours later it's still fine so I wont even ice it.

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