Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy busy! Go have fun!

I'm trying to get all kinds of projects wrapped up at work so I don't have any issues while I'm away next week. It's a typical daily struggle of me vs. hourly employee's who don't understand what "pull all of the weeds from these rocks" means. It looks like I'll have everything finished today with a manufacturer inspection tomorrow, perfect timing.

I visited a friend of mine in Boulder and saw her presentation about how she recovered from epilepsy to become one of the top ultra runners in the world. I wish they would update her bio online, it's pretty old and doesn't have the last 4 or 5 years listed. She was, as always, very inspiring to me and really helped me refocus on what I am doing in many aspects of my life. Intent to find more of my inner beast I went out running on a loop that I've never been able to finish in under 2 hours 5 minutes and absolutely killed it at 1 hour 59 minutes. I almost threw up at the end but I left everything on the trail and was thrilled I didn't actually barf all over, the parking lot was filled with people and I wasn't up to give them a show.

It was bowling night too, about 20 of us from work showed up. We had a blast and I let my guard down and was determined to just have some fun and enjoy the moment. I even wore these (in disco short version, hard to bowl in pants) to lighten up the mood some:
I bowled a 130 or something, then a 92. But on the other lane I was bowling I got a 140. I was using a 6 pound ball working on my spin and disco moves in 2 lanes at once. I got home and my old neighbor was there, he is going with us this weekend for a 4 day mountain excursion. While we chatted I inhaled about 2000 calories so I would have some energy today.
Not only did I give it my all and had fun today, but I then got the pleasure of not sleeping all night while my body bitched about what I had done to it. Oh the joy's of being me.


  1. holy crap - just went to check on what you bin up to by looking on our blogroll! looked for you all over the place and couldn't find you! tried to add you about 4 or 5 times, it wouldn't do anything, now ready to pull my hair out and hubby comes in and finds you. you were there on our blogroll and always have been. jeesh!

    ok - so need some 'splainin on those disco pants buddy!

    your friend,

  2. dude - tell me you have the balls to wear those pants - i could't do it!

    i love bowling, not as a fanatic, but as fun ++ when out with friends...

    glad to see you enjoying yourself!!

    p.s. - is that the eiffel tower??

  3. I might get the shirt and jacket to match. I've never cared what people think about how I look, perhaps that's why I often run in a kilt and have disco clothes pre Halloween. If you want to get your own:

    The Eiffel tower.. I didn't have a pic of me in the disco shorts, so I stole that pic from their website. If you would like I will wear them in front of the statue of David or the Colosseum in November when I go. I totally forgot them when I went to Honduras a few months ago or would have wore then diving.

  4. teehee...glad to hear that you are such a free spirit. jambaloney wears a kilt but then his name is MacKenzie and we live in scotch-town.

    i have always been pretty much the free spirit. when i worked in the federal government i was the only person with a nose ring, eyebrow ring and labrette - in like 200 departments. i used to have old-fogies and young uptight goons fainting when i got on the elevator.

    anyway - i recommend getting the shirt and jacket to match. and i would love to see a pic of you in your fancy bowling pants.

    hey - that reminds me - i actually started a trend with my friends by going bowling one night with the bunny ears on. from there on in - everybody bowled with their own bunny ears. you might want to get a pair. they really help with balance and everyone swears that the bunny ears helped increase their scores!

    your friend,

  5. With the new playboy club tv series I might get mistaken for a bunny. Hey, money talks!