Thursday, September 29, 2011

Victory lap and some fall colors.

Last night was the end of my 30 day challenge. The miles added up to running from Colorado Springs to Laramie, Wyoming. Yesterday I was exhausted and dreading the last run, but since I knew it would break 200 I decided to make it a victory lap and put my camera in my hydration pack. This was amazing since the camera really didn't fit in well, and I don't like having all that weight with me when running.

I knew the colors would be awesome, I'd been running up there the last few days and wanted to get some shots before I left town for a few days. I'm giving myself some time off, it's hard for me to run and camp for 5 days although I would love to run in the Silverton and Durango area with 14'ers all awaiting my feet. I feel amazing right now, it's nice to hit a goal that was realistically unobtainable for the most part.
Someone asked about using one of my pictures and I really don't mind, it's just a hobby. I can always send you the high resolution file if you so desire.

Smooth portion of the trail with leaf covered toe catchers.

Aspens love the water and follow it for miles.

The trail follows water for the whole 2 hour loop, like this.

No filter on the camera, electric yellow!

Same spot as kilt picture was taken a few posts ago, looking down.

High altitude training, I love running under them.

2nd one swooping around


  1. Max, I love fall colors, we don't get them much around here but I like to travel and see them. Nice pic's

  2. Our aspens are red already. And Blanca is still holding some snow. One more weekend of winterizing and we may be set on the other side of the mountain!!!

  3. I'm hoping the colors will be nice this weekend, I've got my camera all ready. I don't plan on posting any while I'm away but if I have a signal at night after dinner I might send some out via ipad.

    This is the latest we have gone into the hills around Ouray so we are taking a chance but are prep'd for nasty if it happens. I hope the other 5 rigs going with us are ready as well. Good luck getting your place ready, I'm thinking a heavy winter.

    Still going to toss some good karma your way as promised, but I'll keep the can of bread for another time.