Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great day of different

I went to a fundraiser for the leukemia and lymphoma society today. A nice BBQ with some various activities to help rise funds like a bake sale, pie throwing contest, etc. The Colorado College hockey team and girls soccer team showed up and suddenly it was pie city. It was exciting to watch about 30 different people all trying to smash a plate of whipped cream in each others faces and just generally having a great time without a care in the world at that moment.
I had a great time, it's nice to just kick back and nothing for a while.
I was on zero energy so I ate 2 big mac's (I know, but calories are sometimes just that) and came home and got some projects done. Got the new shelf installed in the food storage area and moved some things around that really don't need to be on shelves and can be stacked, etc. Just sort of made some room and wrote down some things I would like to put in stock.

Went for a run I didn't want to go on and had the best total time for the mileage I've ever done. I wasn't fueled properly at all and was a little dehydrated but I pushed past and just really killed it. I had to dodge 3 different vehicles on a portion of the run that were driving too fast into the sun from a shady area. If I didn't literally jump off the side of the dirt road all 3 of them would have hit me. Only one even realized it and said sorry, I guess ignorance is really bliss.
I pride myself on paying attention and when running it's twice as important. Not only do you have to pay attention to your breathing, foot placement, terrain, etc. but in my area you have to listen for bikes, cars, dogs, deer, bear, people and more. You also have to stop and tell people several times a week that there isn't any shooting in city limits and they are shooting in a park with a minimum fine of $400 and I don't appreciate them shooting over my head anyhow.

Have to go pick up some groceries but it's been a great Saturday with the promise of an even better Sunday.


  1. Honestly, the other two drivers probably didn't even care.

  2. Well there is that. If only I could jump on the hoods and surf.