Friday, September 2, 2011

My companion, my friend. Friday.

Extra special Friday since it starts a holiday weekend and everyone got paid 4 days early. A nice boost to morale at work when a long weekend starts with money. I imagine most will be broke by Wednesday, I really don't know how people survive the rest of a pay period without money. I do understand when it's tight and you are struggling to get by, but when I have people complain they don't have gas money and yet they have a new tattoo or stripper "lady friend"... sigh. Business was great so I'm expecting a nice sized bonus I can put into supplies or lap dances and champagne for all!

60 days until I head to Rome. I'm really excited... as in bounce around the house excited. Hard to stay focused, I have tons of fun things to do before the end of the year. I also found out I am running Pikes Peak next weekend too, going to be a monster mileage month and I'm worn out from August still. Vegas, Ouray, Rome, Pikes Peak... the fun never ends and that's how it should be.

I figure in a TEOTWAWKI scenario my goal is to outlast the majority for a year or 2, and that's how I approach my food/water storage and equipment storage. The longer situation is going to be so up in the air that (IMHO) it's really hard to plan for unless you plan for everything and I just can't do that. Keeping that mindset, I'm researching solar ovens in case anyone has some input. I only know of one blogger who uses one all the time (bigbear) and it seems like a good item to have. In a bad situation there is only so much I can do with propane when getting a refill would either be impossible or not prudent. I've tried to keep my food stores 80% edible without having to cook anything but being able to heat water and cook via the sun would be perfect (without a large solar array).

I'm going to hold off buying one until the expo in Denver in a few weeks, in case I see something there or someone has a show special.

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