Thursday, September 8, 2011

New and old neighbors

Someone I work with who happens to be a LMI said he finally is living on this side of town. I asked where exactly and we pulled up a map. He now lives about 1/4 mile away, kind of nice having someone else around the neighborhood that doesn't have blinders on. He has always been a nice guy and has the skills, training and background so we agree'd to have some BBQ's. From what I know of his family they are all mormon's I'm just not sure how involved he is with it. He is going to head up to the self reliance expo next week in Denver and hopefully give me a scouting report.

One of my good friends who lives a few houses up and house/dog sits for me had a little BBQ tonight. She had One Second After on the table and was telling me what a good book it was and that she ordered Patriots. The bad thing is she spent money on something I have laying around. The good is that she also got a book on family preparedness for dummies so there is now someone else with eyes opening. She always loves to stay here since I have cable TV and a seemingly endless supply of pop tarts. I love having them stay here so I don't worry about anything while I'm across the globe doing whatever.

The in-laws got the furniture in today, to be unloaded tomorrow so they are really excited to be able to get some rest in a few days. Whirlwind selling, buying and moving from California back to Colorado Springs after being gone 7 years is hard. Mother in-law borrowed One Second After from the neighbor and didn't flinch when I told her we will go to Costco once she is done reading it. The in-laws were both depression era kids and while they are not stockpiled on anything currently they always have plenty of stuff around. I'm really happy that they will get more things, I just don't have the room for another family worth of food and water (and all the other things).

I'm very lucky to have people like this in close proximity and it just all sort of came together. I honestly never thought I would be doing anything that people would want to learn from or even care about so it's kind of nice. Even if it's something simple like helping each other with our gardens, it's still helping build our little community for the times we will have to rely on each other only.


  1. When we built our house, we figured the farmers and neighbors were like the neighbors back home, oblivious to what was going on. But as I get to know them, I realized that they were survivalists, and were out there for the same reasons I was. They also fill the gaps in prepping that I lack. I have a lot of eggs and cannot eat them all, and they are experts on milking goats, so we can feed each other. Almost everyone out here has a niche that they specialize in, although we all know the skill. I may be better with gardens, but the neighbors have smaller gardens.

    It's nice to have allies out here, remembering that not everyone is a zombie target.

  2. I find it hard to find allies. Growing up everyone stocked up on things, you went to the store once or twice a month. Now I try and drop hints to get conversations started but I usually get a glossy look.
    "These are good blueberries, did you get enough to make some jam?"
    "Yes I saw that show last night, it might not be a bad idea to have some stuff laying around"
    "From what I read on Yahoo the government says we should all have a small stockpile of food and water in case something happens"

    Blank stares, silly comments. It's ok, if it was easy then everyone would do it. I'm glad I know a few people and it's even better that I can start a couple out on the right path.