Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good old Saturday fun!

Yawn.. Extra blanket got knocked on the floor last night, 58 degrees in the house and I was still hot. Early rise so I could roll up to Denver for the self preparedness expo, I was on a mission for a couple of things. The parking was $8 and the show was $9 and traffic didn't make me cuss too much so I was happy to walk around checking things out. A lot of good vendors were there (backwoods home magazine, simply canning, etc.) and it seemed every other booth was long term storage food with samples. Perhaps I'm the odd duck but I don't want samples, especially at 9:15 in the morning, but it ws nice to see what some of the stuff cooked up like that I haven't tried yet.

I was there about 2 hours and I picked up a large and medium paqlite, a sun oven and a handful of stuff to research later on. As I had hoped the sun oven was a nice show special and that was worth the drive itself. The paqlites were really neat and I will use them later this month on my camping trip (once I trim up the pokey edges of the plastic). I also found a company selling silver coins and they had a real nice looking one with the USS Constitution (old ironsides) on it. I didn't buy it as a hedge against inflation, as a barter tool, or to cook up in a lab for medicinal purposes. I got it since the salesperson was very friendly and I just liked the way it looked. I figure I spend money on crap all the time so it was kind of a treat to just buy something 'because'.
I'm not into $200 grab and go buckets, I make my own. I did find some different vendors for stuff that will save me some money in case I run into another shiny metal object. Your opinions and mileage may vary on the links above but I wanted to make it easy in case anyone wanted to check the stuff out.
View of Pikes Peak on the drive back home. I love this time of year.
I got home and 15 minutes later I was running with my friend and new running partner. She has done great so I gave her tomorrow off and I heading out for more miles when she was done. I set up a 30 day challenge for myself and today was day 20. I just hit 124 miles so I think I can break 200 miles if I keep pushing hard and my body doesn't protest too much. I just passed 1200 miles for the year and should hit my goal of 1500. I slacked in May/June and I have to make up for it by inflicting pain and suffering on myself, but I do love it.

Time to watch some College football then eat about 4 pounds of salmon and rice. Gluttony!


  1. thanks for the links - those paqlites are awesome! hubby used to do some running and he is impressed with your numbers - and says he appreciates your consistency and dedication. keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    I can't wait to see how the paqlites work out in the tent. They will probably be too bright to leave out all night but I'm hoping I won't need an actual light when I'm getting ready to sleep.

    I'm stubborn and slow but I'll keep running and hopefully keep healthy because of it.

  3. Thanks for the link for Paqlite. It looks like an amazing product. Let us know how well they work. Can you read from the light or is it just enough of a glow to let you see without running into things?

  4. I haven't actually used them more than just checking them out in the house. I want to see how they will work at 3am in the tent once my eyes have adjusted to the darkness. I'm heading out on the 29th and if I'm lucky I can do some updates from the road.

    I had them in the bedroom so when I get up at 2 to let the dog out I can see how they work... but they are too bright for me when I am trying to get to sleep. I like a blackout bedroom.