Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another employee wtf moment

Remember, I don't make any of this up.

After we got rid of one employee for threatening to "go home and get my gun and teach all of you MF'ers a lesson" (yes, it got better than having everyones name on a bullet... oh, the police never bothered to show up), this happened:

An employee, on Sunday, loaded a 12 gauge shotgun with a 20 gauge round.

While attempting to clear the firearm, he shot himself in the head.
After the shot, he was able to talk and walked into his brothers room to ask for help.

I don't know how long he will be visiting intensive care but he is alive, the round was birdshot and he shot himself under his chin. The lower jawbone is stout.

I really do feel bad for him and hope he gets better, it's a life altering incident.

I don't know any specifics other than that, and that nobody thinks he was trying to kill himself. According to his family he was in good spirits and enjoying the day with everyone. There wasn't any indication it was intentional.

In order to load a firearm, you generally have to have the knowledge of both loading AND unloading. There is usually a general knowledge of firearms safety (little things like don't look down the barrel).

With my pea brain, I'm thinking maybe he was saved by not having enough compression in the chamber, causing some of the force to dissipate before it went down the barrel. A firing pin doesn't know the difference in shell size but running it around my head causes me to get dizzy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cabin photo's from previous post

These are photo's of the cabin that I really like, they aren't the best since I got them online.

The cabin would be at your back, literally. This is the ranch.

Nice fireplace

It's not a large cabin, 3bed/1bath, but that's plenty for us

This is looking towards the streams

Standing almost at the driveway edge, looking in.

Zoomed out shot of the center

Standing in the parking area

Canning, laundry and the well tank all in one spot!

Standing in the parking area, looking towards the mountains

Small rooms but it's a cabin!

Looking towards the parking area and cabin

Behind the cabin, ranch to the right, cabin to the left.

More canning, and I already use those racks for mine! 

Plenty of space.
Is this a dream match or what? We are setting an appointment to see it in 2 weeks. It's been on t he market for almost a year.

Real estate from hell and maybe heaven?

The people I know and associate with know I don't make things up, and how could someone make this kind of stuff up and not be a fantastic writer. I think I'll start wringing books.

We both had Saturday off so I decided I wouldn't wait any longer and called a realtor, who actually answered the phone. After 5 minutes of trying to figure out who I was, who I was working with, and was/wasn't I a broker, an appointment was set. It's amazing how difficult it can be to just see a home.

We wanted to look at 4 properties, one had an HoA that covered "road maintenance and water" for $30 a month. The HoA agreement was about 50 pages and covered everything from road maintenance, water (no wells, association water only), fencing (BLM approved wildlife fencing only), no hunting/fishing, no shooting of any type, etc. It was also expandable as the HoA board saw fit. Pass, down to 3 properties.

Here are the pictures of scenery, one on the way and one as we drove towards the first home. I love the area.

Before we got this second picture, we piled into the realtors suv. We were going to follow but it's always better to travel with the realtor if you don't know the area very well. Once she blew into her breathalyzer, she was able to start the journey. 5 minutes later she had to blow into it again to keep the car running. She didn't seem able to drive in a straight line and on more than one occasion we had to warn her to stop looking at the map and get on the right side of the road.

We passed an Amish buggy on the way in, there are many religious organizations in the area, and to us that means perhaps a chance to learn some skills and get to know a lot of good 'old fashion' type of people.

The first house was part of a conference center/seminary, they decided to sell off some buildings. They failed to put up a for sale sign, failed to leave a key... oh, they failed to maintain the place. In the upper right, above the garage door,  you can see a woodpecker hole. It looked like the place was shot to hell, the backside has about 20 holes already covered with flashing. Pass.

The second house was a modular, and I said up front I didn't want to feel like I was in a mobile home. We want a cabin, but know that's not what we might end up with. The place was on 10 acres and actually in the middle of the land. The exterior was nice and included a very large garage and deck. The property itself needed some work on water runoff control. The inside was packed with crap, someone is renting it and it should not have been shown for sale. It smelled (burnt bacon and cats), had stuff piled everywhere. It didn't feel like a mobile home... we stayed about 3 minutes inside and called it a pass. How do people expect to sell something when the renter is almost a hoarder.

The third house was one we saw last time, from the outside. This cabin was amazon, we LOVED it. Then we met our would-be neighbor. We met him while looking for the property marking pins. He said the property line ran through his driveway (and probably his garage the way I saw it) but he had a gentleman's agreement with the people who owned the cabin we were looking at. He also said he maintains the road (no HoA, not a county road), knew everyone in the area and seemed to want to be 'the guy'. He gave me a retired military feel and I just assumed he is bored, living in the woods isn't for everyone. This means he wouldn't appreciate us adding a wooden fence around the front of the property, target shooting, taking the land back from him if it was indeed ours, etc.

We also found out a section of the cabin roof had collapsed in 2008 from snow and it was repaired and a new roof was installed. Looking at the low angle of the roof, I wasn't surprised. The ground is really rocky here, as in hard to install posts/dig and the backside (about 3 acres) is a fairly steep slope that's just about unusable and in northern shade. The realtor goes to the same church as the 'neighbor', so we are sure it will be nothing but downhill from the start. 70% pass, we don't want hassles and lot line disputes from day one, although I'm not one to give in so that's why it's only 70% pass.

After a shockingly good lunch in town (2000 full time residents in the area, 4000 seasonal residents) we decided to go check on a cabin (on our own). From the maps, it was across from a cabin we saw last summer although the acreage was only 1.33. We really needed something to drag us out of the blues from the previous 3 hours. The cabin ended up being the one we saw last year! The cabin now has a new well, septic and an interior remodel.
Behind the cabin is a very large ranch, so there isn't much room on the other side of the cabin, but the bonus is that it's already fenced. I'm thinking a wooden fence would be better if we purchased this place.
 The property has a lot of aspens, and very few pines, that's a huge bonus.
 Yes, very nice!
 1.33 acres isn't a lot, but yes, that's a small year round stream.
The edge of the property cuts into this large year round stream. On both sides of the property, about 50 feet past the property line, are also year round large streams. We saw a herd of about 30 elk a little up the dead end road (the road the property sits on is a dead end with about 8 other houses/cabins and not all are full time). The road is county maintained.

I have a great feeling about this place. Sure, the lot size isn't huge, it's more than enough for what we want to do (besides shooting, but the National Forest is less than 1 mile away). I have a vision, if this place works out, of how the property can be worked:
Wooden fence along the road and behind the cabin, clean up the wooded areas (trimming, etc.), clean up the small stream (get all of the crap out of it, make some larger pools to increase the water flow and 'storage'), clean up the large stream (increase the pool areas in size, get the dead stuff out).
We would also change the electric range to propane, the cabin is heated with electric baseboard (great for times when we aren't there) and has a fireplace/stove. There is a wood stove in the master bedroom, how is this property not ours already.

It's also the same asking price as the cabin with the 'neighbor', so we could probably get either one for the same price.

I'll make another blog post with more pictures of the cabin and property that I got online.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A short few minutes in the life

Employee X gets mad at employee Y and says "I can't take it" and leaves for the day.

Manager has to write employee X up for leaving work during his shift without permission and have it ready for when the Employee X returns to work.
During this process the manager finds out that employee X has been texting other employees "I have a box of bullets with everyones name on them."

The under 25 generation is getting worse by the day. 

Employee X was terminated this morning and has a police report filed under his name (they the PD may or may not do anything with). When he was being terminated he was asked to stop placing his hands into his pockets.... he decided to place them behind his head like he was being arrested.

The little things have always made me laugh and at the same time cry a little inside.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Taxes are finally done

My taxes anyhow, someone else files an extension but it's probably more of programing vs. need. This is the first time in an unknown number of years I'm due a refund. I thought that was pretty kind of them since they took over $40,000.
The majority of my being can't stand that they take money from me without giving me a say in what happens with it. Sure, they pretend to give me a say every 2 years with a single vote but I know it's just a lie. I'm also fortunate that the higher the amount they take equals the more money I make and get to take home (not exactly but I get it).

But who will build the roads.....

Saturday morning I went for a run with a friend and the ranger was posted at a closed section and he reminded us the closed section was... well closed. We said thanks and watched dozens of bikes and hikers go up the closed route.

An article in the paper last week talked about the area, it  would remained closed. They are trying to get a $250,000 grant for the repairs before they work on it and that it was unstable and closed from the flooding last fall. This was a lie, it's been closed for almost 2 years, to motorized vehicles, and now it's closed to bikes and people as well.

During our run, we did see new signs (brand new tax money funded signs) that say "road closed to motor vehicles", and it's a good thing, you never know when a vehicle will smash down the large metal padlocked gates and drive up the road to view these signs and then turn around in fear.

This was a picture from Friday evening, Saturday was the same. We spent time doing some yard chores and house chores, everything is looking really good for so early in spring. My neighbors all have brown/no grass (or weeds) but for us a healthy yard is important to our sanity.

This is from Sunday when we told him no hiking during a blizzard. We sure do love his expressions. We spent the day cleaning guns and I finished one book and then read another. I wanted to watch game of thrones but wasn't in the mood. This morning I've already seen the spoilers, but whatever, I'm sure it will still be very good.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

911 call? Welcome to my life, a story.

I had a brilliant idea, I would drive to a spot where Rock and I can hike, and only have to deal with people and dogs for a distance of .65 miles (I know a lot of odd distances from running and needing to know how far from one trail to another).

This was a great idea. Those people who had off leash dogs responded to a simple whistle and point, we were in heaven. 2 creek crossings for Rock to splash in and drink out of, and we are miles from the nearest person.
Rock with his 'human' shadow overlooking the big 'city'
After a few miles we turned around for the downhill portion. You might think this is easy but I can only walk so fast and he has a lot of torque. We hit the home stretch, .75 miles to go when a gunshot echo's in the area. We stop, look around and as we take a few feet forward, rocks come crashing down around us. We haul butt back to a safe spot and I see 3 people on a slope above the trail:
They were tossing rocks down. One of them was halfway down trying to get down safely while his buddies tumbled rocks and snowballs down the slope. Several rocks tumbled by us, within 10 feet, before we had backed up.

The slope they were on is to the left in the picture, to the right is another slope that leads to a few houses. Guess where a lot of the rocks were going... yup, down into someones yard.
Impact marks from some of the rocks. Just think what would have happened if we had gotten hit. The one guy who was coming down (and not very gracefully) finally made it down and took off down the road. I was on the phone giving out descriptions of the perps to city and county dispatch at the same time (they weren't sure who should respond, so I h ad to fill them in on that too). Once the perps at the top stopped with the rocks, and climbed up and over the ridge Rock and I  hauled ass to catch the perp who had climbed/slid/tumbled down.
Rock and I see our target, hard to miss his pink shirt.
We had to run hard and fast to catch up, we were already exhausted and everyone made way for us without question. Maybe it was me, maybe Rock, for sure a big guy running with a big dog with a large handgun on his hip. Works like a charm. I was thankful for all the cardio, working out when I didn't want to and endurance training.
The guy in the hat ended up being the homeowner (who had fired his pistol into his backstop in hopes they would stop. I took this picture in case the kid got into a car and drove away. The sherifs office responded fast and it ended up being 8 kids in total that were involved. I only could pick out 2 that I saw actually tossing things and pink shirt guy ended up with no charges since I never saw him do anything but panic for his life.
As the deputy was walking back to me and the homeowner, I figured the kids learned the lesson and wouldn't do that kind of crap again. Then one of them, one who I picked out and described to the dispatcher as tossing rocks, looked over and smiled at me shaking his head. Foolish, there isn't anyone on this planet who can intimidate or scare me anymore.

The deputy told me that we would all go in front of the DA, my word against theirs (they were climbing up and the rocks just came lose...). I said good, I'll see them in court, I'm tired of people doing whatever they want without thought of the consequences. Reckless endangerment, class 3 misdemeanor, and while it might get dismissed it's proving a point. The DA might be surprised when I show him these, plus many more photo's. The deputy will interview all of the kids again, separately over the next 2 days (and since they were all apparently minors, in front of their parents) to see if the story changes. Then he will let me know when to be in court. I'll be there.

Those 11 or so rocks in the flat area weren't there when we walked up, and we watched/avoided them all come down. They knew people were down there, pink shirt guy yelled up telling them I was on the phone watching them (thats when they bailed out). I'm hoping they get community service at least.

Apparently anywhere I go (city to county to national forest in this case), trouble finds me. Situational awareness, patience and an aggressive demeanor. Thanks for teaching me that Dad.
Rock said zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, after all that.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Property scouting report, picture time!

Early to bed, early to rise and then go take care of the house and dog sitting before heading out to look over a few properties.

Fresh snow, especially the peaks. Property C is left 8 miles, property A is to the right 7 miles, property B is behind and right 3 miles.

Property A:
Positive: 17 acres, plenty of living space (the most of all 3), amazing views, plenty of sun, price range is near perfect.

Negative: Close to another house, 17 acres is mainly the small mountain and that's mainly unusable, not many tall trees, need new carpet, horrible soil quality (very high desert).
 The house is almost dead center in this picture.
Close up, the one we were thinking about is in the middle, the one to the lower right is a neighbor.
This is from the road (where the house photo's were taken), it's pretty amazing. Didn't bother calling the realtor to see if we could walk around the property, but damn... the view.

Property B:
Positive: 5 acres, we loved the muddy dirt road to get there, it's passive solar heating/cooling, lot's of tree's, didn't seem to need any work at all.

Negative: There is a large cabin 40 feet away (could be solved with a fence), soil quality is horrible, no view, not much sun (what good is passive solar), $40k more than property A.
 Blue door... I know, but everyone has their own idea of what looks good.
You can see it's a lot of bad soil, but that can be dealt with. This spot seemed to have the most sun although we don't know how the property is shaped. We called the realtor to see if we could walk around the property but didn't get an answer.

Property C:
Positive: Not 1 tire track or footprint for over a mile, 16 acres, tall tree's, a small view looking North, a few hundred feet south of the driveway there are huge fields and tree's all over ($600k+ properties if available at all), a wildlife preserve with tame elk, obviously plenty of water with the aspen tree's.

Negative: Can't clean up your place when you list it for sale huh.... The hole in the side with a rope and handwritten in marker: pull rope to ring bell, seemed junky on the property with all kinds of "art" (a 5 foot wooden cross with a horrible attempt at a crucified Jesus, and we think the property is a steep drop down the hillside. Also $40k more than property A (after it was 'reduced').
 Ok, it's taller than 5 feet, just left of center. Odd but whatever, the tree's are nice and you can see the roof of the 'artists shed'
 You enter the top of the A frame, and descend to the main level. The interior shots online were nice, it just needs a lot of cleanup. The artist shed would probably become a woodshed, the pine tree's would have to be cut down, way to close to the house.
This is the left side of the house, snow doesn't count but could have cleaned it up knowing it's for sale. The owners live an hour North of Denver. The realtor had her cell phone number on the sign and answered the phone, giving us permission to walk around. She never asked my name, nor asked if I was interested in the place.

That's 2 weeks of trying to get realtors to contact us, give us information via email and phone calls and we only had 1 real contact... she hung up before I could have a conversation. Had someone bothered to contact me before our trip, I would have scheduled showings at all 3 places. Instead we have to form opinions without all the information.

We both like property B, but for the same money we would rather get the solitude and location of property C if the lot isn't a large ravine.
The views make property A amazing, paying taxes on unusable and potentially rockslide ridden land made it fall almost completely off the radar.
We want to walk the property on all 3 (grants C would be hard for another month or more but it will probably be for sale still). If we can get a realtor to do something. We don't really want to build but in 6 months we will see how that might change.

 Blueberry muffins for the 'BBQ' group meeting and to snack on this week.
Handsome Rock checking for pesky mutant bicycle zombies.... he really goes bat-shit crazy when he see's one. It was overcast and cold, 5 miles without seeing anyone.