Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Afternoon excitement!

I had myself convinced it's Friday, that would have been funny in the morning. I was all excited about what I was going to get done tomorrow when someone at work had to ruin it and tell me "see you tomorrow". Workplace full of excitement haters!
I just finalized plans for a 5 day trip for my annual Ouray and Silverton area expedition. I'm spoiled and get out in the mountains a lot, but this trip is usually the most fun as I hike and rope up mountains to check out old silver and gold mines. I usually take about 2500 pictures and keep around 100. I'm very self critical.

The morning after I get back I head to Vegas for a few days. Haven't decided where to stay yet, perhaps the one with the gondolas or maybe Mandalay Bay. Mandalay is my favorite since it's at the end of the strip and it's a nice run to the stratosphere and back at 4am... I'll have some good stories I'm sure, 4am in Vegas is different for sure.

Here are some pictures since I have so many hobbies. Enjoy!
Homestead remains, circa 1890


They don't make them to last this long anymore, circa 1900

First time in years the snow has lasted this long in a full sun spot

Covered about 190 miles in one day exploring a few weekends ago

Alpine tunnel rail tracks, circa 1890


  1. I'd much prefer the wildlands to the strip. Thanks for sharing the pictures although it kind of reminds me of work.

  2. I'm always amazed at the ingenuity and hard work of those times. I worked for the Conservation Corp in NH during the summers in High School but never saw anything as neat as the silver and gold rush mining camp remains.