Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rise and shine. Always.

I stayed up way too late last night and had to get up way too early. I prefer and need a lot of sleep, but when it's time to get up I don't screw around. I was invited by Craig Hospital of Denver to an appreciation breakfast for donors. I normally don't go to these things, I prefer to just do things and see the good that comes from it, I don't need food or a ribbon. I did want to meet the new foundation president, so I got up and grabbed my get home bag and headed up.
A sunrise! Didn't know they still made those.
Looking West in the A.M.
Traffic sucked as usual but I arrived in time. I was the only person not in a suit and tie, dressing up is overrated. I think it's what you can do for an organization and not how expensive your attire is.
View from the hotel looking north to the concrete jungle.
I sat next to a gentleman who fell while rock climbing and is using Craig Hospital to learn to live again now that he is paralyzed from the waist down. We shared some climbing stories, including my horrific fall and breaks from a few years ago, but we never got around to how he actually got hurt/fell while he was climbing. He was another example for me to keep doing what I love to do, since there are people who wish they could but can't. He also didn't tell me to be careful or to stop climbing, he just told me to have fun. That's why I'm OCD about running and my other hobbies, I've met so many people who wish they could walk or talk or eat for me to sit on my ass.

Rise and shine in everything you do with purpose, passion and reason.

I swung by the Nike store and got some gloves, shirts and a pair of warmup pants. I love running in the freezing cold, the right gear helps. Once I got home I put together another rack and unloaded some boxes that came in today and went for a 2 hour run. My email is empty, all the people I emailed from the expo on Saturday must be making too much money to reply to my requests or send me the info they promised. My new rack has some space still and I was hoping to fill it with some long term stuff from a few new companies I checked out. I'll keep looking around.

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  1. Beautiful view. That's one of the main reasons I love morning...and it's still quiet.