Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pushing my endurance limit

First: how could Oregon look like a high school team after being so awesome last year. I owe someone a can of bread...  Made some split pea and ham soup yesterday while taking care of house chores. It was pretty amazing stuff and it will be nice this winter when I can just get some from the pantry. It was breezy and cool, perfect for cooking and cleaning.
I had to make something for the pot luck tonight. I happened to have about 5 pounds of apples so I made a crumb pie and am bringing tri-tip as well. I'm so hungry while I write this I might just help myself. I will can the rest of the apples tomorrow evening.
Today was Pikes Peak day... up top it was 34 degrees, wind chill of 22, and I felt over dressed. The top the trail has a lot of run-off so it was a little dangerous slipping on the ice but you have to go slow there anyhow with large rocks to climb around/over. I brow beat 2 friends to run with me and while they may never speak to me again but we had a good time and they finished something they didn't think they could ever do. I'll send them some motrin and ice packs.
8am and me without my kilt. Opted for track shorts, sounded fast.
265 pounds 2 years ago, I'll take this screwing around photo and frame it.
Colorado Springs. My car is down there, 15 miles or so.
The last few miles of the trail intersects with a popular hiking spot, the Incline. Once you hit this spot, you are surrounded by people who don't get out of the way, are wearing headphones, or yes... smoking. I had a blister that I had to stop and take care and my anti-social personality was starting to make an appearance. I'm patient but with the holiday weekend I felt like I was herding sheep.

There were times when I wanted to slow down or stop but I just kept telling myself to push through and be mentally tough. When I finally looked at my watch when I stopped at the car I was really excited. I dropped 17 minutes off my record time, didn't run out of water and felt like a million bucks. I also smelled really bad but knowing it was from hard work and pushing myself... well who am I to complain. I have been working really hard the last month on my running, it's paying off like all hard work does. 6 days running this past week, 50 miles completed and tomorrow is my no running day so I'm going to volunteer at a marathon and surround myself with people who are better so I can stay motivated.
Since I'm a nice guy I drove up and picked up my friends, since they were in no shape to finish the last couple of miles to the car.


  1. I think someone needs to be introduced to the SEC. And yes, we won with defense and special teams, but we always win with defense and special teams. I was very surprised they didn't fake any punts or field goals. Les Miles went one 5 for 5 one game on 4th down conversions, and not 4th and inches, but mainly 4th and 6.

    I'm trying to clear my weekend schedule so I can meet up for the Denver trip for next weekend.

  2. Les is the only coach I have ever seen just get magic/luck all the time. Like they say during every single game, it seems to part of the game plan. I just want a tight competitive game, that's all!

    If you can make it for the trip up that's cool. I think a friend of mine is going as my arm candy, have to find out for sure. 2 seats still open. I won't be able to spend all day there but a couple of hours will be good as long as we get there around 10 or earlier.