Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 years of culinary arts

...pays off until you forget one damn ingredient like eggs. There went my plan to make some apple wheat bread. I actually have about 2 dozen eggs, however the expiration date is facing away from me so I didn't realize they were pretty old. I obviously don't use many eggs but now that it's cooler I get to crank up the oven all the time and still live with myself when it's time for bed. That means a lot of quick breads for the freezer and who can resist a good quick bread?

Since the house is way old (1880's) it stays nice and cool all summer long, until you leave the door open or turn on the oven. Reverse in the winter, it's nice and toasty until you have to let the dogs in and out a lot, then it takes forever to get back up to temperature. Hot water base-board heat and a gas fireplace for backup (not for looks, one that can drive you out) but I just don't want to install any kind of A/C since it's a huge power waste. I've managed to drop my utility bill $250 last year and should do about the same for this one, hopefully more next year as long as the rain barrels refill once in a while.

I don't like forced air systems and if the power goes out I still have 2 forms of heat and if the gas goes out I have backup propane systems that will suffice just fine. I think I was smart to rely on gas instead of electricity, but I wish I had opted for wood instead of the gas fireplace but at the time it seemed like the right decision and I don't regret it.

I skipped half of 1st grade and my last 2 years in high school I went to college for half the day and took culinary arts and hotel restaurant management. When I enlisted I didn't want to be a cook, anyone can cook if they try, I wanted to be a chef but didn't see it on the choices I could pick from. Since my Dad had to sign my age waiver he told me to pick something that was useful. Where was the damn chef option.

How hard could being a chef really be?

oh ya, I ran out of eggs and I obviously had apples.

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