Saturday, March 4, 2017

The quiet and busy life

The yard in town is raked and watered, 66 degrees and finally zero ice on the ground in the shade. We have the seeds started on the table just waiting to pop up and say hello. Some new full spectrum LED lights are keeping everything at a comfortable 72 degrees and well lit... as in damn your eyes! The garden will be nice and big this year and we are both excited about the over abundance of produce we will have.

The other half received a promotion at work and what little time we had to spend together has diminished even more. Father in-law is in the hospital again for pneumonia and has decided assisted living isn't his cup of tea and is going back home when this stint is up. He needs 24 hour a day care but doesn't seem to care that he isn't strong enough or stable enough to live at home. Home care is about $15k per month but in his mind he only needs help for a few hours each day so the entire family is just going to let him do whatever he wants until the money runs out or he does fall and kill himself. It's enough of a strain on everyone, especially us, so we are just taking a step back.

After a few months of debating, I finally decided to get a new SUV. I had looked at so many different models, colors, makes, trim levels, etc. Since I had a Range Rover and loved it, I decided to get another one.

That's it being cleaned when it got off the truck, I've only put 100 miles on it but really love it.

In between all of the work and family issues, we have really been loving getting away to the mountains. We had fresh snow this week, this is the time of year we get the most but it doesn't stick around too long. The mountains look amazing, but the winds are being a little nasty and we are pleased to be in the tree's.

I've been running a lot, up to about 10 hours a week now plus gym time on top of that. I feel like the training is paying dividends, but sometimes it's really wearing thin on my body and nerves. The run I'm training for is in 2 months and so far out of the 8 people who signed up to run with me, only 1 is actually training still. Everyone else dropped out in short order, apparently a mountain elevation marathon seemed fun until they had to run more than a few miles a week.

I'm heading to Miami next week, there is a lot of travel for me this year. Conferences, convention, leadership courses, etc. Some fun trips for diving and our 22nd anniversary trip in a few months. Busy no matter what it seems, work, family, life, travel, etc. We have a blessed life and continue to plan for the future, good times and bad.