Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Basics Apple Peeler review

I'm not generally lazy and looking for the easy way, but I've been debating an apple peeler for a while. Why not, if it's easier and hand operated I can improve my efficiency... I talked myself into it! I hustled some research but had trouble finding what I wanted until I went to my favorite odd item store.
Ace Hardware, $30 with tax
After some adjusting I got started but was saddened it wasn't getting more of the peel off. I didn't want to do it with a regular peeler and I didn't want it to take actual apple off just the peel.
Annoying, time to adjust some more.
There we go, just the ends to manage now.
After some adjusting, it took about 3 seconds and the apple was bare. I had an assembly line going with the corer/slicer while my canning equipment was warming up. The peeler has a slicer at the end so you can make slices but you still will have to core the stack of slices.
Portion of finished apples
There was a little bit of peel on the ends and in a few spots from the initial attempts but I don't mind a little bit of peel. I saved about 45 minutes and my hands are thankful I made this great investment. Another model of this peeler has a clamp-type attachment instead of a suction base. My water bath timer is about ready to ding and I'm going to need more shelves in the pantry.


  1. Pretty!! Been thinking of getting one myself!

  2. I like it so much that I have more apples in the car for tonight. Can't wait to get my hands on some honeycrisp out of Oregon, they should be here soon.

    ...and more jars. Have to hit up the store or goodwill or both.