Friday, March 30, 2012

Volunteer dog day

Tomorrow is a huge ASPCA mega match-a-thon event across town. I'm going to run the pet tag engraving machine so each pet that gets adopted has a shiny new tag. The local shelter asked me to get involved so I'm going to be engraving my butt off.
I can't stand to see pets without collars and tags, even cats, if a pet is found it's hard to return it to the owner if there isn't any information. In my area most pets that are lost are never found, and that bring me to another can't stand: animals off lease. I know that fluffy and midgy are good little dogs and always obey and never get into trouble.... until they see the bunny and you never see them again. I know that lucky and marvin are big dogs and they are friendly but they still get in the way of other people that are hiking, biking or running or have other dogs on a leash.

I keep my boys on leash for many reasons. The biggest is they don't always listen AND they are animals. Those who have served in the sand box can attest to the pack mentality of the friendly little puppies that frenzy up when they get excited. Chewing on bodies of other animals and people, they do what it takes to survive.

So I am giving a full day to making sure animals have tags. I even have 2 boxes of collars to hand out that work donated. The wont fit cats (well some people have fat cats and will score), but it will make me feel better that I am giving an animal a good start.
I'm going to get some good runs in, easy and slow, I really strained my left quad so I'm blowing my goal mileage for the month but I don't want to make it worse. There is a gun show I might hit up and I have some mason jar dry canning to get done. Busy Saturday.

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