Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kick butt, take trout

I had a craving for fish yesterday. It started as I was running around the reservoirs after work, one of them is almost empty so they can replace the liner. Not sure if there are any fish in there, but I still started craving some trout so off to the store I went. I picked up 2 nice rainbow trout, about $2.50 each and then I grabbed a bag of frozen fish filets.
I'm a simple guy (I think), and a 9x13 pan of scalloped potatoes with 10 frozen fish filets on top @425 degrees for 25 minutes can feed me for 4 meals/2 days. If you use a larger pan you have to double the potatoes (4 boxes instead of 2, unless you make yours from scratch like me, then it's about 5 large Idaho potatoes instead of 3) or else it will cook too fast and dry out.

I'm not a big fisherman, I have so many hobbies that I really don't need another. I grew up fishing, I can fish still, and I have the gear. I probably fish 2 times a year, all of the great fishing spots have awesome rock climbing right next to them so I pull granite instead of fishing line. I love fish, just don't make the time to catch them so the grocery store works wonders. I like grilled salmon, but for trout I like a milk and egg wet dip and then a light cornmeal "batter" cooked on the stove in a frying pan with an oil/butter mixture.
After getting up in the morning and working out, working all day, going home and running for 90+ minutes, going to the pool for a cool down... well I'm exhausted. The trout is in the fridge for tonight. I'm moving my pool time to 8pm so I will have a couple of hours after my run to cook and relax.
If only I had a recipe for homemade pot stickers....

If you are in the market for some freeze dried food, Shelf Reliance has some 6 packs on sale, all #10 cans. You have to buy it from a sales rep or from Costco (online only). If you want to pick it up from a rep I can get you information for one if you don't know any. I'm not affiliated with this in any form, just passing information along. I picked up 1 of each package and will split it with the in-laws. I also ordered more peaches, they keep sacking my supply.

Cheese 6 Pack: Catalog ID: 25347
Sale Price: $154.65 ($207 normal price)
2 Cheddar Cheese (FD)
2 Monterey Jack Cheese (FD)
1 Mozzarella Cheese (FD)
1 Colby Cheese (FD)

Chicken and Beef 6 Pack: Catalog ID: 25421
Sale Price: $144.60 ($223 normal price)
3 Chopped Chicken (FD)
3 Ground Beef (FD)

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