Friday, March 16, 2012

The sweet smell of dirt

Ultra running (or my attempts at becoming an ultra runner) is always an exciting experience for me. The days I want to have an awesome time or experience end up being the worst runs ever and it's the reverse when I want to have a relaxing run. As I start adding mileage and going on different routes where I'll need my GPS, I'll stop and grab some fun pic's to share.

Last night was a perfect example, I was sore and everything hurt. Running every day with higher mileage takes it's toll really fast as your body tries to adjust. I feel guilty if I don't run and it really eats at me. So I ran and told myself to take it easy with a nice slow pace and for the first few miles it was awesome. My pace was 11:30-12:15 per mile into a 10-15mph headwind the whole time, I was able to check out all of the scenery and people, the places I run are awesome but I often don't look around much (or it's the sweet taste of dirt and blood as I tumble around).

I'm slow, I don't mind so much since I'm endurance not speed. When I hit the trail portion of the run I dug in, hard and was bombing down, screeching around and leaning hard on the ups. The high school cross country team came up the trail and made me look like a fat old guy (like they always do), but it's just more motivation. New record time by 30 seconds, I wonder what I could have done if I hadn't been screwing around for the first few miles or if I didn't have the headwind. I'm hydrating correctly, getting enough food (and the right kinds) into my system and enjoying the longer daylight span.

The smell from the trail is awesome, pine and dirt and decaying vegetation. It's only better after it stops raining, then I get to splash in puddles and get covered in mud.

In other news we got a 2nd Colt Carbine last night and some more ammo. Going to let it rip on Sunday up in the hills, raining death down on some paper and plastic targets!

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