Friday, March 2, 2012

The grand fish fry

The rainbow trout was awesome. My run got cut short in a whiteout blizzard and hurricane force winds, so I had some extra energy for dinner. Someone didn't want to eat when I did so I had a bologna sandwich and then made dinner.
I should have made about 10, the 1 that each of us had didn't help my hunger out so I had a lot of rice on my plate. The bones came out in one swoop but I still was chewing carefully and of course, 1 bone slipped and got jammed in my teeth. It was like surgery trying to get it out but the grand fish fry was awesome, much better than some boring salmon on the grill.
I'm already looking forward to being able to catch some nice brookies soon.

Mother in-law was kind enough to make a cranberry orange bread, I went into barter mode and traded chocolate cake for a few slices. I was tired of the cake anyhow, it's not bad for me since I made it myself but when you are the only person eating the entire cake, it get's boring fast.

Speaking of food, everything I wanted to cook for dinner this weekend got shot down. Someone at home doesn't like soups and stews that much. Chicken noodle soup, beef stew, lentils and whatever, chili, etc.... all shot down. Chocolate silk pie on a coconut graham cracker crust.. shot down. Chocolate cake.... well just 1 piece. This coming from the same person who can eat 3 chocolate bars in one sitting. I'm going to settle on New England Pot Roast and veggies, with New Hampshire style maple baked beans. Not sure what to make for the end, perhaps just simple peanut butter cookie brownies.

Eat it or cook for yourself, easy!

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