Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 hours of sleep is awesome!

I really feel like a new person, it's amazing. I knew if I was worn down enough, and if I wore the little house sitting puppies down, we could all get some sleep. It was so wonderful I tried to sleep more but of course the little puppies had to go outside and then bomb around the house chasing each other. I had a great run last night, the longest in a month and the biggest headwinds of the year. It was funny to look at my pace and see it go from 10:45 to 14:30 with just the wind changing. I do feel great today, too bad I have to drive to Denver in a few minutes.
Sunday, checking out snow levels on higher elevation running areas.

I gave up on me and took care of the Bichon Frise's (I can't call the poodles, people get mad), even got the knots out with the comb, I'm not used to that with bigger dogs.
They don't have any food in the house, I opened about 10 cupboards and didn't find much. I know they just moved in, I'm used to overflowing storage and kitchens and I'm really used to being able to eat breakfast.

That reminded me of a conversation some people in my new office at work had yesterday (yes, this is a true conversation):
Guy 1: hey I found a program for Jared and Allen (one is my Mormon neighbor, the other is a semi prepper), it's called doomsday bunkers. they can live in a plastic house with a flamethrower in it.
Guy 2: have you seen the prepper one, bunch of freaks, who would want to live like that or at all if society collapsed
Guy 1: really, I could last a little while I have a gun and a few bullets but nothing is going to happen in the US the government wont let it
Guy 3: ya living underground eating old food in jars seems nasty, what are people thinking?
Me: You know nuclear fallout shelters seemed silly until the Cuban missile crisis


Leave it to me to bust bubbles about the practicality of anything, given the proper situation. I hope nothing happens, ever, but the what if's are really too big to ignore. These are the same people who eat out for every meal, spend $45 on sushi every couple of days, and seem clueless to anything not in an MSN headline. It's people like this that make me glad I don't freely talk about being a 'prepper', and reminds me to get some more ammo this weekend.

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