Monday, March 5, 2012

Hostage on my own couch

I was trapped. My legs were being held down and I was stuck in the corner of the couch. I couldn't move left, the arm of the couch was there. The position I had sat down in, with my legs stretched out, wasn't the smartest as I had no leverage. I was being pushed from the right, with my legs still trapped, against the couch arm. All I wanted was my sandwich and to watch some recorded TV but they had other plans.

Looking at the picture reminds me to put the ironing board away when I am done using it. All I could do was laugh at how pathetic I was against the will of 2 dogs. After dividing the loot (bologna sandwich) in half they let me go (to make another sandwich that I ate in the kitchen standing up). Hug your spouse, kids, pets. Unconditional love both directions.

1 comment:

  1. bahahahahahahah! sometimes you just gotta sacrifice and give up the loot (balogna sandwich)!!! too funny buddy! oh and pop by our blog when you get a chance - we tried making snow angels for you again. as in tried. at least we thought of you tho, eh?

    your friend,