Monday, March 26, 2012

Power tool weekend

Good equipment is a must or I'll just use hand tools. I don't like cheap power tools that don't work well when you need them.
I also don't like to let people borrow my tools, like my chainsaw... yes, the one I needed to use yesterday that had no bar oil, no oil, and obviously bad gas put in it. See what happens when you do someone a favor.
I didn't know the gas was bad until I added all the oil and went down the street to cut some tree's from the in-laws yard. I didn't bring fresh fuel with me as one tank was going to be more than sufficient, and of course I screwed myself. After 15 minutes of trying to get it to stay running for more than 30 seconds I broke out the hand tools and tore some stuff up. Father in-law wanted the stumps out so I cut the tree's high, cut the main root and yanked it out with one of the off roading rigs. I'm not digging that crap up by hand, not in this Colorado clay.

I somehow hurt my left hip flexor so I took the day off from running and went to the movies. Hunger games was ok, I didn't know anything about it but the preview looked great a few weeks ago. The place was packed and loud, I missed half of what was being said. Slow start, fast finish and for 24 people fighting to the death it wasn't violent nor gory enough for me. Let's at least be realistic.
That won't make my garden grow, but Luke likes it.

Buying this was like donating a kidney but I love it.
I'm all out of cookies.

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