Monday, March 19, 2012

Fall of the Irish.

Looking classy in a 5 star resort, hand on the jacket so the ccw doesn't show.
I had a dozen people planning to attend a spur of the moment BBQ and fundraiser for a local organization. It was only 4 people to start, but I can't help myself I like to have parties with friends and neighbors. Only 9 showed up, and that's good since I only had 12 hamburgers.
Off we rolled to the fundraiser, 1/2 mile walk that seemed more of a stagger for some on the way back. We passed by a neighbors house who bailed on both BBQ and fundraiser, so we threw all of plastic hats and cheap Irish beads into the yard. A few hours later we got a text saying thanks for the beads, wait until you see the security camera footage... What a great neighborhood I live in, filled with good quality preppers and gun freaks.
I was the only sober person Saturday night and I had more fun than anyone.

Sunday we rolled up into the hills with 5 vehicles for some mud running and shooting. The 35 mph wind and hours of shoveling snow and winching kept us from getting the new carbine out as we never made it to our shooting spot. We passed about 25 shooting areas, most with 30ish trees shot down and trash all over. I don't know what kind of person does this, if you shoot 100 shotgun rounds, pick up your empties, pick up your targets, pick up you stove... yes, a stove 25 miles in the woods. I want to go up and pick all the trash up, but I do know it's a useless project so I'm just waiting for the area to be cabled off and closed to shooting. Some of my favorite running rails are there, and the entrance to all of them are shooting areas now. This will make for some interesting times in a few months when people are trying to run and bike.

On the way back home I drove around a corner and 6 people were blasting away 10 feet from the road, into rocks with AK's. I jammed on the brakes and just let it rip, I couldn't contain myself. Morons shooting basically over a road into rocks put my life at risk, really had enough. I used key phrases like 'the Ranger is 1/2 mile up the road giving out tickets for shooting within 100 feet of a roadway, it's $400 a person and he will make you clean up all this trash.' I didn't have my jacket on and they were eyeballing my .45 and then they eyeballed my 5 backup people carefully positioned behind open doors and behind fenders. They packed their shit up and left, what a waste of good high altitude oxygen.

I'm all about having fun, but it has to be responsible fun. Everyone we saw in the mountains seemed to be drunk still from crappy green beer and horrible cabbage. At least the walking dead season finale was filled with exploding zombie heads!
So cheers to the holiday that is always over celebrated, four wheeling and guns. I'm a total redneck.

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