Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I just want some sleep

Rock likes to lay really close in bed with his head, paws, or upper body draped across my legs. Some people think this is awesome/cute, but my legs always hurt from running. If they don't hurt then I don't think I'm working the muscle enough. Heavy pit head on sore legs.
My other dog Luke likes to go outside at 2:30 in the morning and 6:15 or so.
Ultra violent dreams (not all of them PTSD related).
Light sleeper.

Now I'm house sitting so I was excited to get some sleep, normally when I'm in a strange bed I sleep well, I know most people are not like that but I can really get some good rack time in a hotel or random house bed/floor.

Sitting a house with 3 small dogs, 2 of them under 6 months old.
The outside lights (all 50 of them or so highlighting the trees, bushes, dirt, etc.) are on timers so it's super bright even at midnight with the curtains closed.
Little tiny paws on hardwood while the dogs look for mom and dad.
Lot's of glass doors without curtains that are just begging to get kicked in (am I paranoid or what).
The worst was the damn ice maker.
It's real big and what I would call a fancy house with drawer freezer and fridges (2 of each) and a large cabinet style ice maker. It would drop ice 6 inches into the bucket, 40 feet away, and wake me up. They just moved into this house and the fence isn't up to snuff for the small dogs so they have to go outside on leashes at 4am when it's bathroom time.
I also was worried about not getting up in time to get ready so I could go to the old house and let the painters in so they can get that finished and sold.

The ice maker kept me up all night, no one uses that much damn ice. At least if I want an ice bath this week after a long hard run I know where to get the ice (then it will drop ice every 5 minutes).

I'm not asking much, the hollow sunken eye zombie face look isn't my best. The other half is starting to compare me to The Walking Dead.


  1. oh no - you sound terrible! get some rest buddy! don't make me have to come down there with the ass-kicking boots!

    can you try and teach Rock to sleep stretched out beside you?

    your friend,

  2. Rock likes to sleep with his head on something, I'm going to get some pillows this weekend and see if he will use those. I'm still house sitting and added another house for this weekend for a friend.
    8 dogs and 3 houses to manage, it will be a never ending trip from one to the other.