Monday, March 12, 2012

I need a chocolate tree

The start of the great weather was moving in, so I went for an early morning run on Saturday. 29 degrees and wet from the rain/snow the night before. I had my best timed and feeling run of the year, finally the weeks of struggling have paid off and I feel like a runner again.
I raked a couple of bags of leaves and dead grass out of the lawn and did some general cleaning of stuff so I can get my garden boxes ready. I still haven't narrowed down what I'm going to plant, but have a list that I keep changing. Don't have the room for seed starting, so a lot will determine what is available from the nurseries. If I had to I can make room and start seeds, but I don't have to right now and I like having a dining room table.
We did some work in the kitchen Saturday night, now when I cook I have all of the counter available. Picked up a rolling prep table at Costco so I have most of my baking and prepping gear on the lower shelf, freeing up all kinds of space. I also did some food storage preps, the food saver is working great for jars:
Blurry but that's 140oz. of chocolate chips good for many years.
Sunday came on like a bull, I was up early changing the time on the 1 clock we have in the house. I don't like a lot of clocks, when I am home it's my time. We got the dogs cleaned, Rock was so dirty he looked brown instead of white , made a run to Sears and picked up a few pairs of mechanic gloves that were on sale. I blast through about 5 pair of them a year, so when they are on sale they go into storage.
Sportsmans Warehouse was packed, 45 minute wait for help and 45 minute wait for background check, so we opted to wait on another carbine purchase. Replenished the ammo we shot 2 weeks ago so it wasn't a wasted trip. Found that Walmart has a Sig just like my colt carbine for $941 instead of $1050, think we will opt for that instead to save a little money. We can also pick it up outside of the city limits and save 3.5% tax as a bonus.

Since my run on Saturday was so awesome I decided to coast on my Sunday run, figuring I would finish the course in 1:02:30. My best time on this one was 57:39 and I thought I was going to throw up when I did that time, adding 5 minutes would be more of a relaxing run. I should have known better, whenever I say relaxing run I usually push it hard. No change as I started out strong and tried to relax on the gravel road portion. Once I hit the trail I left everything I had in the woods, finished with a blistering time of 55:07 and only took a few seconds to compose myself at the end and didn't feel nauseated.
When I got home I watered the yard, this has always been my after run therapy to keep me moving instead of just sitting down so my joints don't freeze up. Watching the sprinkler go back and forth is exciting, honest. It's too early for the water barrels to thaw but I gave them the once over, they should be ready this weekend.

Dinner with the neighbors and that was the end of a nice productive weekend. The new kitchen setup worked amazing as I made spaghetti and blackberry upside down cake without having to move from one spot. My neighbor is thinking of getting a different job, things are very tight for him and his family. The new job would be 4 weeks way, 2 weeks home but triple the money he is making now, I told him do whatever it takes, we will help take care of everyone. I made sure they knew if they needed anything to speak up, 4 kids and his wife is a full time mom, I hope all works out good for him no matter the decision he makes on employment.

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