Monday, April 2, 2012

The dead neighbors.

After making hundreds of pet tags and having my heart broke seeing all kinds of pets needing a home, I packed up and headed back home. The adoptions fair was a success, 37 animals found new homes, including 5 from the organization we got Rock from. I'm making them 50 dog tags today so they have the new phone number on a tag, and don't have to pay for this.
I have a soft spot for dogs, I would have adopted another dog or two but practicality got the better of me. We had 3 dogs once (real dogs, not handbag accessories) and that was a lot of work, more than I would want to do again unless there wasn't any other choice.

On the way home I took one of several different routes only to find my way blocked with crime scene tape across the road. That's never a good thing, and it's really not a good thing close to home. The house is a rental and the couple living in it packed up to move, had a yard sale... murder suicide. They were in the mid 60's (and from all reports they were a quiet couple, they kept to themselves... really.) and I'm hoping to find out more information as to what might have happened. I wonder if they had anyplace to go, jobs, etc. since nobody should feel that alone. My deputy neighbor said they were found in the bed with a pistol between them, one of those calm crime scenes. I didn't know the couple, I don't make it a habit to say hello to many people, especially renters since they don't hang out long.

My neighbor is not a prepper, I saw him yesterday and asked him if he was worried about an EMP and if he was a prepper. He said China and Iran is working on the technology to hit us with long range rockets, and that he has never watched that TV show (assuming he meant doomsday preppers). He said people who think like that are nuts, hoarding food and waiting for the world to end. So much for that, and I'm sure it wasn't him trying to be careful. I've seen his whole house and there isn't anything in it for preps besides his daily work stuff. I told him they should buy baking stuff in bulk like we do, makes it much easier than going to the store each week for flour and sugar. They haven't seen my preps so I'm not worried about it, ignorance is bliss.

I got my chainsaw running but it's dripping way too much bar and chain oil, not sure what's going on with it. We decided to go ahead and pick up a new one anyhow, an 18 inch bar this time. It's nice, smooth, has all kinds of safety features on it to help prevent me getting hurt. It's a chainsaw, sigh.

85 yesterday, 45 today. Can't wait to run.


  1. A little dis-information is always a good thing.

    1. I was wondering if that's what he was doing, but I just don't see it. I just continue to tell people that buying baking stuff in bulk is cheaper, think of all the people who use Costco, etc. I am certainly the furthest from the average prepper in appearance.