Saturday, March 24, 2012

First sunburn of the year!

I'm not in the best shape of my life. It's pretty close, my endurance is better than ever but my stomach refuses to go away and I like cookies. When it's so nice out, I just work in the yard sans shirt (not like those crazy people up north who naked garden) and as expected I got a mild sunburn, the first of many. I get them when I run an if I use sunblock I will always rub my eyes at some point and regret they ever invented the stuff.

I am taking care of my house and dogs, and another house with 3 dogs, AND another house with 2 dogs. This last house is a 30 minute drive each way so it's almost a non stop doing stuff for other people day. I'm living in 90 minute increments the past week but I still managed to get some things done.

I got my new garden box built using my old deck railing wood that I took down last fall. I hate tossing out perfectly good old wood and I knew I wanted a new garden box this year. I think most people call them raised garden beds or something, but it's a damn box. 100 inches long, 68.5 wide, in a great spot for sun 80% of the day. Tomorrow I will get it loaded up with soil and ready for the plants to go in. I have 5 large ceramic pots that I will load with soil as well, I love tomatoes and nothing is better than having your own.

I finally took some time to clean my Jeep all up and get it ready for summer trail rides. I love my Discovery, it's very comfortable, but being able to crawl over huge boulders with the Jeep has it's advantages (or at least lets me have a hell of a good time). We have 5 vehicles plus a pop up camper and a double axle car hauling trailer. I have to make my rounds often to start everything and check fluids and keep the batteries topped off, especially in the winter when most of the things don't move much at all. This time of year is when everything is fine tuned, we are doing our first camping trip in 2 weeks so we can send a few hundred carbine rounds down range in the mountains. Practice makes perfect.

Bread is in the oven, brownies are cooling and I think we are heading out for sushi. Heck, I even did the dishes already. I was going to get some more things sealed up, my O2 absorbers came in today, but I don't have any plans tomorrow so it shall wait.


  1. wow buddy - you have been seriously busy! sorry about the sunburn but if you practiced half-naked gardening more regularly - your skin would get used to it! did you end up going out for sushi? if so, please tell me what you had so that i can eat sushi vicariously through's probably the only thing that i miss about living in the city!

    your friend,

  2. Spider roll and a bowl of rice and chicken. I should just eat at home and save money but I didn't buy so it was hard to say no.
    I like the cheap sushi rolls. We went last week and got about 5 rolls that the 2 of us couldn't finish. Boston roll, dragon roll, etc.