Friday, March 23, 2012

Great headlines today, again.

Some chick gets flour dumped over her head.
Senators call for a hearing on NFL bounties.
Obama says his son would look like someone that got killed.
Pink slime.

I'm not really the over sensitive type, but I am relieved to know that the economy is back to 5 year ago levels, the foreclosure epidemic is over, employment is at a 10 year high and there are no starving kids in America.

I shall keep doing my normal things. It's not an election it's an auction and I can't influence such things. I will work on the garden this weekend and get some nice running done. Nothing better to take your mind off things like gardening and getting 'lost' in the woods. Other things from the last few days at home:

Red and Green peppers, #10 style and really full.

Closer view of peppers before they plump up with water.

Storage meal: canned chicken, mixed peppers, cranberries and mayo.
 I also made some more chicken breasts, using the dried peppers as a coating, cooked with olive oil in a skillet on low heat.
Costco trip!

Costco was fun last night, it was empty and the free sample congestion wasn't to be found. The maple syrup was still on sale so I grabbed 3 more, another bag of choco chips to jar seal, margarita mix and more paper towels, etc. I got some blue machine too, I can drink a large Costco sized each day so I try to keep one in the fridge.
I picked up a pack of caned chicken (8 pack) and it was actually wrapped wrong and was a 16 pack (the one in the left of the picture). I wanted 3 packs so I grabbed another normal pack. I was wondering if they would charge me for 2 or for 3, the large pack only had one barcode. The cashier told me I got a good deal, 16 for the price of 8, and I said it was probably not wrapped correctly from the factory. The lady checking receipts at the door was suspicious until I let her know I mentioned it was probably wrapped wrong. Error in my favor that I mentioned twice, I'll take it and it saved me about $12.

I unloaded my cart and went back in looking for more package mistakes in the chicken but couldn't find any. Can't say I didn't try. I've been busy this month getting more food storage and had to order oxygen absorbers again, they don't seem to go very far when I get busy storing stuff away. I'm going to have to put up another rack, I am once again completely out of room. It's a good feeling to have.

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