Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pot roast, traditional

A pot roast is not for the oven, it's not for a crock pot (is this really cooking anyhow?) it's for a pot on a wood stove or in my case the regular stove.

I had a 4 pound roast that I was making in the traditional New Hampshire style with a lot of veggies and very little seasoning or spice. Season to taste when it's on the plate, otherwise you don't know what the food really tastes like. Growing up there was little spice used in cooking, apparently that's the traditional way in my family, bland is easier.
The roast was in the dutch oven on low heat and I started to prepare the veggies. Crap, I had no veggies, how could I have possibly overlooked that part. I had onions, but unless I broke into freeze dried I didn't have the veggies I wanted. If I took some time off to run to the store I wouldn't have had dinner until 10pm (I wasn't going to leave the stove on), so I made a phone call and someone picked them up for me on the way home (how sweet, thanks for working 11 hours and coming home with veggies). I'm so busy lately that I am overlooking a lot of the things I would do automatically. It's not a bad thing, the real important things are getting done and I do have plenty of foo.

The roast was awesome and the veggies were perfect. Dinner was at 9pm so I turned on the DVR to watch doomsday preppers. Somehow the title was correct but it recorded Alaska State Troopers instead, what  a drag. Instead we watched a show about Oxycontin abuse and how easy it is to get thousands of pills in Florida (in fact it made me a little light headed watching the addicts using), then we watched a show about the violence in Mexico with the drug cartels. I didn't make any cookies or cake, but I had so much roast (about 1.5 pounds) I could barely move. I was still full this morning.

4 pound roast with 1 cup of water in the dutch over. Low heat for a slow cook with the lid on for 2 hours, add veggies cut into large chunks and cook for 1 more hour. If you want spices add less than you normally would, the long slow cook process will really bring the flavor of them out.
You can use the same cooking time to make New Hampshire maple baked beans in the oven if you desire but make sure you use real maple syrup, not that cheap imitation crap.

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