Monday, February 27, 2012

Act of Valor, shooting and kickass cake.

I would have to rank it as an awesome movie. The acting wasn't what many are used to, but they weren't actors and that made the movie better (well one or 2 actors but it wasn't Clooney trying to be a hero). The gun play and just overall bad-ass-ness means I will see this move probably 2 more times in the next couple of weeks.
Speaking of gun play, 12 of us went shooting yesterday. I love my Arab friends, they never cease to amaze me. After 2 hours of shooting, the wives were antsy so one of them decided to shoot the 12 guage, perhaps in an effort to speed us along so they could get back home. After the first shot, she (and no, I'm not kidding) hoisted the gun in the air and started dancing around screaming lalalalalala like it was a video on Fox news. I screamed at her to point it downrange and stop dancing around, but she said it was safe and asked if I was afraid.
THEN... yes, it gets worse THEN... we are loading up and her husband hands her his AR pistol to put away (I didn't like shooting this thing, yuck) after making sure it was clear and no magazine inserted and SPECIFICALLY tells her NOT to point it at anyone. Guess what she did... you got it, she pointed it right at someone's face 5 feet away. That sort of ruined the rest of her day as 11 of us screamed at her for 10 minutes. Little did she know but by instinct I had already drawn my pistol, I can't help myself training is everything, she could have easily been killed for that stupid move and didn't understand why there was such a fuss.
She will never, ever shoot with us again. Her husband is awesome, a Vietnam Vet who understands the reality of life, he can shoot with us anytime.
My new Colt M4 Carbine was awesome, close range rocked and all my distance shots at 200+ feet were on target each time. I used all my conceal carry guns including my favorite 9mm, 3 rounds per target on 5 targets spaced 3 feet apart and 30 feet away. The first round missed but the next 14 hit and would have taken out all 5 targets in under 4 seconds from draw to rounds complete. Somehow I have the gift of accuracy still, many years after all those expert weapon badges have tarnished.

I broke open some freeze dried strawberries and peaches for my protein shakes, massive yum. It's cheaper than getting them at the store and they don't go bad in 4 days. I'm really cranking up my workouts, I gave myself 30 days to get in great shape in hopes it will have a really beneficial effect on my running. Running itself is the ultimate muscle killer so it's going to be rough but it's about time I focused a little more on the core. It's also nice to have the physique to run shirtless and not get more than a few idiots saying things at you. I'm starting week 3 of working out (and day 1 of 30 days) and I can tell a huge difference in how I feel and look. The challenge continues to be making sure I'm getting enough of the right calories and protein to fuel my runs. I want to run 180 miles in March, so that's going to average me 3000 calories per run PLUS all the calories I need normally and to work out. I just need to suck up the eating guilt.

I made a killer chocolate cake last night entirely from food storage. Powdered eggs, powdered milk, etc. This stuff helps me rotate a lot of the baking products. I keep trying to pick up cocoa whenever I am getting groceries, I would like to have a lot more stored up but for some reason I never remember to grab it.
Picking up a food saver with the jar attachment on it, probably this weekend, so I can keep some of the stuff longer than the real shelf life. It's going to be hard using a #10 can of baking powder in the recommended time, so sealing it up in a couple of jars will help. I have some sears gift cards that will bring the cost to zero and I might be able to get a few more large snapware containers as well. I'm cheap.

That's one hell of a weekend.

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