Sunday, October 30, 2011

So long old pal

The end always comes sooner than you think, and certainly want. The decision had to be made or else we would have been selfish hoping for another day, or two. It has not been a good weekend. We did everything we could and if someone tried to prolong my life by making me suffer I would bite the shit out of them, and we are sure he was telling us it's time to go.

Our other dog Luke is a little lost, as we are. We spent today working on the in-laws fence replacing more rotted wood posts for the good metal ones.The entire family came over, and they brought all the dogs. Our nephew loved our pitt so much he has 2 of his own, and fosters up to 5 when the rescue place needs it. His female pitt came charging across the yard to where we were working, and I swear it was my boy coming to see what we were up to. Perhaps it was the light and shadows, or her light coat, but Tobie is watching over us already. I know he is playing with good company, where the toilet seat is never down and he has an endless supply of squeak toys. Too many things today reminded me of him and the oddities only he seemed to have.

So here is to the great memories. The ridiculous things our animals do and the things we do for them. The 2am need to go outside when it's 20 degrees and we are camping. The resting of snouts on heads when we are sick. The alerting us to people outside the house. The unconditional loyalty and love even when the trash can is dumped over in the kitchen. The Thursday and Sunday ride to Starbucks for pumpkin bread.

I also have a lot of hot dogs and bologna that he unfortunately never got to eat. I guess I'll pretend it's a survival food and do a review on it. Go hug your spouse, kids, pets, whatever fills your life with joy.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I look over at my dogs and momma goats and worry about that day.

    I curse my Pyrenees ever night for barking at the moon, but if I don't hear him, I worry where he is.

    I hope time will heal your wounds.

  2. I very sorry. It's always hard to lose a pet...

  3. Max - i said it all in a previous post. i know what you went through. please promise to give yourself time to grieve. you lost a family member - and from the sounds of things - one that was pretty rambunctious and always kept you on your toes.

    if you are feeling really sappy and mushy - read this story that my Uncle Gerald wrote. i cry every time i read it because i remember every single "family member" that i ever had. you might enjoy it. so i will share it - go here to read the story about pets and the afterlife:

    i love all of his stories. but read that one. it might provide some comfort.

    we will keep you and your little buddy in our thoughts and prayers.

    kymber and jambaloney

  4. so sorry max...

    the crazy memories are all of love, it is really heartwarming for you to share!

    yes, our animals keep us on our toes and demand the strangest things of us, but their loyalty and unconditional love is a blessing.

    again, i am so sorry max, take care and all the best!