Monday, October 17, 2011

Overindulgence, did you get some?

As usual the news was depressing, many of the blogs I read were doom and gloom, some vendors jacked up everything at work this weekend, the project I needed done didn't complete so my schedule is screwed up for another weekend. Instead of sitting around in misery or going to join a protest without a focus, I got up early. Hopefully everyone worked some fun in this weekend.
3 of my favorite activities:
Bright and early rock climbing lead.
 It's always exciting when you are pulling the rope, especially on granite with cold fingers.
Followed by a few hours in my little Jeep.
 I'm going to put the bikini top on, I got hit in the head with a lot of mud chunks. I met a nice couple on the trail who joined us for the day. Not only did the guy have good driving skills but he climbs and runs. Hopefully we didn't scare them off with our brand of humor, I can't find anyone who climbs on Saturday that I trust to belay me on a lead climb and/or fall.
Rounding out the evening.
I was overheating on this run but was worried it would get dark and a lot colder than it did. Being prepared is fine, sometimes I think I'm a little overboard but that's hindsight.

Big carb loading dinner and it was time for the much anticipated season 2:
I don't want to put up any spoilers but when you have your pick of vehicles, why would you drive a hunk of crap RV. Why don't you have more guns, why don't you practice a little better security, why didn't the zombie in the bathroom scene attract more zombies with all the noise, how much money did Gerber pay for that big plug, why does the guy only have 2 bolts for the crossbow.... I could go on, I'm hoping it's not like Terra Nova, I'm really tired of lame piled on top of lame. I'm glad I have books.


  1. teehee - sure looks like you had fun this weekend! we went to the community potluck supper on saturday after spending all day making my famous chili - if yer nice i`ll share the recipe!

    go and read the comment that i left on your "eureka" post about carbs and a gymnast-style diet!

    as for the walking dead - we don't have tv so i will have to rely on your reviews!

    later - your friend,

  2. ate a 1 1/2 pound steak last night, does that count?

    we have an expression here in canada that describes you to a tee:

    just give'r!

  3. I've done all kinds of different eating and the only thing that changes is my weight and energy level. More protein works great until I want to run for a couple of hours, and I hit the wall at 90 minutes.
    Nothing has ever helped with the lead legs.
    Vege, vegan, paleo, etc. Thankfully I do ok with a good mix and carbs are cheaper.

    just give'r? Is that like 'get on it', 'live it up', 'this guy is a nut job'?

  4. more like "go 110%" or "balls out dude"

    it's the highest form of encouragement ;-)

  5. I would have taken nut job :)