Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who eats better than I do?

My dog does! I'm cooking some good meals for him and then not eating much of anything myself. I'm having to get creative on the cooking, never cooked for a dog before so it needs to be good, and bland. Tonight is mac and cheese with hot dogs. I'm having some bbq chicken and... hmm nothing else.

I have lots of dog food, dry and canned, but I never planned on cooking meals for more than two so I will have to spend some money on a few more items for a SHTF scenario. Unfortunately I don't expect my pitt to last more than another month or so but he is doing great so far. His nodes are super swollen still but he has energy and he isn't going to starve to death. It's very depressing really, it's like losing part of the family but at least he can go out on good terms knowing we did everything money can buy.

Tomorrow it's bbq chicken and rice for him at dinner and hostess cupcakes for morning 'hide the pill' snacks.

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  1. oh i so hear you on losing a part of your family when you lose a beloved pet - the grief is exactly the same. i am glad that you are doing everything you can in order to go out knowing he was so loved. good on you Max.

    and again - my heart goes out to you!

    your friend,