Saturday, October 8, 2011

No place like home!

I love taking time off for various things and I really love getting home after it's all done. Back to the normal, back to things I have control over. It's my Birthday so I was all pumped up to do a 3 hour run this morning only to back out of it since it was a downpour. Instead to celebrate living another year, I have the heat on and the snow is falling.
Beautiful! I try to remain positive even if my plans are ruined, there is always stuff to get done especially after being gone over a week. I have a lot to be negative about starting with my pitbull has swollen glands so his lymphoma is out of remission, but I just refuse. I'm going to let everyone else be negative, I'm alive and doing great.

Las Vegas was fun for 2 days, the 3rd I couldn't wait to leave. I more than tripled my money on some slot machines and got a couple of runs in. Running was nice on the first evening, it was "cold" and it was raining but I ground out some seriously awesome times for a mile, 5k and 10k. I refueled the next day and went at it again this time without the rain and with some sunshine... this meant the sidewalks were covered with people and not just any people, but people who walk 8 abreast, smoke, don't pay attention, and in this particular situation they were occupying Ls Vegas. Christ I can't get away from  negative sometimes, so I turned around and ran up into old Vegas and broke my record for 10k time and then just enjoyed a relaxing run under all the old lights.

Now I'm home, getting together with friends for dinner, have more money in the bank and it's back to normal for a few weeks. I have to catch up on all my blog reading and go grocery shopping since the fridge is looking a little empty. Next up, a week in Rome!

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