Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sugar. Really?

This morning I was out in a flash and had a really horrible run in the snow and cold. I overdressed and once the sun peaked I had to take everything off and carry it/wear it like a cape. I didn't stretch and was just on a mission to pump out some miles... see getting older doesn't mean wiser apparently!

I'm not a buy 10 cases of .223 kind of guy. It's not that I don't have guns and ammo but you can't eat the stuff and it's expensive. I like food, I went to school to be a chef, and I like having a lot of food in storage. I'm seriously close to 3 years worth and could get by with only getting perishables at the grocery store for the most part. I'm once again out of room and will have to purchase another rack in the next few weeks or else I might start to overload the ones I have. I'll keep storing stuff and using it, rotating the stock and trying to plan ahead as grocery prices keep going up.

Today I was on the hunt for sugar, I have plenty but it was on sale so it was time to get some more.. it's baking season after all! Normally it's cheaper at Costco, but today I could save some money and not drive across town. Apparently there was a run on Sugar, the shelf was actually bare minus 1 small bag with a hole in it. I didn't have my phone or else I would post up the silly ass picture of 3 shelves void of sugar. Perhaps I should read the news more, I don't know what happened and the people at the store don't either. The truck will arrive tonight for a restock, and if that truck never showed up I would manage with what I have, but it still seems odd to me.

Everything else was in stock at the store (well I couldn't find any brisket actually but they might not carry it anymore along with sirloin) and I still spent $150 on things (it was more like $200 but I had a couple of coupons and it was NFL day so 10% off for wearing a team jersey and apparently my red shirt looked like a falcons jersey).

Where has all the sugar gone! Anyone?


  1. hmmm....that's a little weird - i am gonna keep my eye on sugar around here but we haven't noticed any sugar run. please keep us updated.

    your friend,

  2. Max, I was talking to the manager at a walmart I buy from. I told him I was getting really tired of driving a long way to buy something on sale and not finding it when I got there. He said Walmart has reduced the number of trucks per week and now they can't always keep popular items stocked 100% of the time. Third World.