Thursday, October 20, 2011

Permanent frowny face time?

When I read and skim over the dozens of blogs, I seriously feel like I'm the only one who is having fun and enjoying myself. It's good to be prepared, it's good to stay current on events and happenings, it's good to have a plan.
I ordered Battlefield 3, gonna lay the smack down online.

It's also really good to enjoy yourself and not have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't wake up wondering if the world will collapse today. The people I talk to about such things outside of the web are all just waiting for it to happen and concern themselves with just that and really nothing else. Can't anyone live this kind of lifestyle and not be worried 24/7, or am I really so far out of it that I'm more of a yuppie with some food in a storage bin.

I don't really take myself too seriously, maybe it's a fault but I still keep going at it. We did add some SHTF booze into storage yesterday. Since I don't drink it's going to last a while or get me so drunk I won't be able to do anything but vomit while the world is torn asunder by the occupy whatthefuckever crowd (occupy the barn over at Zydeco ranch! lol that was awesome). I also inventoried my get home bag before I went to Denver yesterday. I mentally had forgotten some of the stuff in it, and I need to change it over to cold weather orientation this month.

I got a call from my friend who is looking at doing a 1000 mile run next year, over 20 days, and I got an invite to run the last 50. It's sooner than I had mentally planned for a 50 miler, so I've got some work to do. At least it's winter and my running won't get in the way of doing other fun outdoor things, it's too dark and cold for much of anything else in the evenings.


  1. Nothing wrong with you. Just like I told Mudbug this morning, don't live in fear live prepared.

  2. Come on over and join the resistance at #OccupyTheBarn

    The "Too Big To Birth" goat collective still has not met our demands. We will not fold, or give up.

    Although the sanitation committee does clean the barn each afternoon while the evil goats are playing!!! in the field, it does smell like urine and crap every night in there. Therefore, it matches every other Occupy rally in the US.

    When we get our demands, there will be much rejoicing and rioting in the streets. I'm predicting a Barnyard Winter uprising.

    We are trying to have fun here, but with winter bearing down on us, we have to get the ranch ready for winter, and remember that we have to prep extra over the winter. Besides, we need something to do when LSU isn't playing football.

    Wind generator goes up in December. Freezer, on-demand Hot water heater goes off-grid. Extra power from wind will power a 12 volt hot water heater to preheat the on-demand one (wind generator needs a "heat sink", so 12 volt element will do the trick)

    I predict that Frowny-Face Time will begin when spring comes-- the Presidential election will start to be in full swing and the crazies will be out in full force.

  3. Living on the high plains will light a fire under the old ass right before winter. I know I'm always bustling about trying to make sure stuff is done and I don't have a barn to occupy! I'm envious of your wind generator for sure, I have some solar panels on order and that's about as best I can do in the city. Gotta keep the k-cup machine working for zombie coffee.
    I just hope you don't find a goat in the culvert with a golden gun!

    I did spend some money at the grocery store tonight for some canned goods they had on sale, and planning to hit Costco on Saturday. Super productive day overall, even remembered how to run uphill for 8 miles.