Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paqlites and peaches!

On my camping trip I had the opportunity to try out the paqlites I picked up last month for more than just hanging on a chair in the dining room or stuffed into my get home bag:
I have a medium and a large. They never need batteries and just need a few minutes of light to "recharge". You can't read a book but you can find your way around a house, tent, or campsite once your eyes adjust to the dark. I used the smaller one under the canopy so people wouldn't run into the stuff at night, and the large one was in the tent providing light there. It ended up being brighter than I liked at around 3am (good light 6 hours later), so I had to put it under the sleeping bag. They won't light up a room for a game of cards, but for the price and near zero weight I think it was a good investment, something I would recommend to a friend. I would suggest rounding the corners of the plastic, it's a little pokey otherwise. If you want chem-light brightness, these won't work for you.

I try and use the storage food I purchase, rotating it in and replacing it. I don't want to find stuff I can't stand/stomach in case I have to rely on it alone. So I broke into some freeze dried peach slices (good vitamin c and fiber as a bonus) before this trip and took a large amount with me for driving snacks:
I've had this #10 can open for almost a month now and it's still about 30% full. The texture wasn't too 'styrofoam' (didn't give me goosebumps when I bit into them) and they were not so dry I had to drink water with each mouthful. 42 servings in the can @ 1/4 cup equals about 25 peaches, 25 year shelf life, 1 year opened shelf life. Cost is around $28 and you can rehydrate them. There are many vendors out there for freeze dried fruit, I get mine from Shelf Reliance, they are available in smaller container sizes.

I would recommend to a friend who wants fruit for long term storage. Not so long term I would use home canned or home dehydrated as it's much more cost effective but with an obviously short shelf life (comparably).

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  1. Never seen the lights like that before.

    I bought a pail of dehydrated peach cubs from Walton Feeds. They were not so nice to eat but you could cook with them ok.