Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was sort of hungry, and then I went for another 2 hour run on another new route that was pretty hard. My legs were tired and sore, but the only way to learn to just accept the pain and suffering is to keep at it and your body will adjust. This is true for most things in life, the more you do it the more you get comfortable with it even if it's not comfortable for your body.
I got an invitation to go back home for the holidays, and I was amazed the airfare was so cheap. I have a huge project at work so I might not be able to go, but I will attempt to swing it. The time off isn't a big deal, it's being away from home for another week doing something that's not really that exciting. Only 1 person in the family tries to stay in touch, even with social media and email making it ultra easy.

When it comes to dinner, I prefer to cook instead of eat out. It was a special night so I bit the bullet.
The plan was to have a ton of sushi, but we both got some dinners and these rolls, who can pass up chicken and rice. I'm sure it was a lot cheaper that way and I know what it costs to make food. Lot's of crab and avocado with some spicy tuna and such. Yum. I barely made it home, my stomach was so full I had to waddle to the car.

Tonight some friends are taking me to dinner and a movie, but there isn't anything playing I want to see so it will end up being dinner. They refuse to not get me a birthday gift, and I already guessed what it's going to be. It's going to be a nice dress shirt that costs around $180.... I choke when I spend $50 on a nice shirt so maybe I'll just frame this one.

Tomorrow I will cook my own dinner, pork loin with salad and rice. Cheap and good!


  1. You sure do live a different life style than I do. Different worlds.

  2. you lucky dog!!!

    sushi - one of the few things i miss about the city.... we tried making our own - epic fail!

    make sure kymber doesn't see this post ;-)

  3. too late - i already saw it - and am drooling!

    as jambaloney already noted - yep - we tried making our own - we'll get it right at some point! our sushi came out kinda' okay (post about it coming soon) - as long as you like your sushi in a big mush-ball that doesn't look anything like a sushi roll. we had all of the ingredients - sticky rice, avocado, zucchini, crab - even had the toasted sesame seeds - we just didn't have a bamboo rolling mat and so used a silicon pot mat. needless to say it turned into a big mushball that fell apart when you tried to cut it.

    oh well - it still tasted good! oh and i hate to brag - but being a korean linguist - i know the secret to making proper wasabi-soya sauce for dipping the sushi.

    if you ask nice - i might share it with you!

    your friend,

  4. Arsenius- You and I are from different generations living in different situations. I'm glad I'm not like the guy across the street, town, or country.

    K&J- If you have a place-mat for the table you can use those for the rolls. As long as it's a little stiff you should be OK. I don't try to make it at home since I really only care for it a couple times a year. Wasabi-Soy sauce I skip, I like to taste my food too much.