Friday, October 14, 2011


Friday, overload at work day, vendors jacking all kinds of stuff up. I'm going to put in some time tomorrow to get a few things resolved, after my neighbor and I hit the trails in the morning.

I got all the travel stuff for Rome finally. I'm glad it's going to be in the 60's/40's there, $75 for a 2nd checked bag just won't work for me. I'm going to have to carry on my running clothes. I'm getting super excited, but I digress.

For all my years of running my body hasn't been able to deal with the lactic acid my poor legs produced, causing massive muscle fatigue and many hundreds of sleepless nights. No matter what I did, I just couldn't get over the issue and just dealt with it as best I could, lumbering along in serious discomfort.
 My legs felt like they weighed 150 pounds each and were very sore even before I'm done running an hour. It's a big reason why I'm a lot slower than most runners, my legs just didn't seem to be able to do anything after a while besides a zombie shuffle.
I tried a supplement called sport legs and I am happy to find out that whatever the hell it does, it works great and it's really a calcium/magnesium and lactate mix.. that's all. Now I'm only sore from the actual activity of running 2+ hours a night, no more burning or heavy feeling and no more elevating my legs after a run in hopes I would be able to sleep later. I've gotten several run in after taking this and the results were the same, I'm wicked pleased.

I'm going to tear the trails up. I've already knocked 5 minutes off some of my record times on a couple of different trails, and I didn't even fuel up correctly for the attempt. A breakthrough, and just in time for me to start pulling my sled with 40-80 pounds of sand in it, pain and suffering at it's best.


  1. dude - you are a nutbar!

    glad you were able to find a supplement that was able to help you overcome the lactic acid buildup!! i used to run quite a bit (not trails mind you) and bike a LOT (was an avid mountain biker). nothing is more demoralizing that lead legs.

    just a quick couple of questions:

    what is your blood type?
    what do you eat to get ready for a workout?

    cheers buddy, i'll mail you some river water to swim in when december arrives ;-)

  2. A +. A nutbar... I'm called crazy all the time, true. Lead legs just suck.

    Average day when I'm going for a big run or new record time attempt:
    100 oz of water, 80 grams of protein (chicken or soy), 2 boxes of mac and cheese. If I'm running in the AM, usually a banana and some oatmeal, an evening run I'm already loaded up from lunch. I use GU during 3+ hour runs, anything less and I'll just down a couple cliff shot blocks before I start.

    My regular runs of a couple hours I don't do anything special and don't care what I eat.

  3. Max - 11yr trained gymnast here! when i first met jambaloney he used to fill up on carbs before a big ride, but in gymnastics both the girls and guys fill up on protein - eat as much of it as you like! the carbs are just empty-filler and will cause the muscles to seize (lactic acid). also fruit like banana and avocado, anything with potassium is also good.

    i know you know what you are doing and not trying to tell you what to do - but when i got jambaloney off the carbs and put him on a gymnast-style diet, he did much better, lasted longer, and didn`t get the lead legs.

    your friend,