Friday, June 1, 2012

When the brain is overloaded.

It's been a rough week for me at work but it's nothing to do with my actual job. Dealing with the public can wear anyone down, dealing with coworkers can be the kind of wearing down that really gets in deep.
After 2 years of dealing with a certain person at work, I decided it was creating the kind of environment where I didn't want to come to work anymore. I also have been toting a MP3 style tape recording device around with me, and that's not a healthy work environment for anyone. It was a one sided hour+ discussion that hopefully worked everything out so it's back to being professional. Time will tell, I've seen 4 people rotate through that position. Some positions seem to grow people from fantastic employees to power hungry something-or-other.

I felt great when I went home and had a nice fast paced run. I fooled around in the garden and was amazed to find I have a tomato almost ready to pick. Starting things indoors can really get a boost in production and early picking. The others are all green and not even close to being large or ripe, but this one was apparently stealing all the nutrients.
Stolen image but this one stole nutrients too!

There were a lot of conversations this week about the oil, gas and mineral deal the family is working. The paperwork was signed and sent back, so now it's waiting for the operator to start working, perhaps I can retire in 5 years... or everything stays the same and that's just fine.

and then it happened...

I woke up screaming and covered in sweat this morning.
It wasn't the Bradley next to me that got hit by friendly fire, it was mine and I couldn't get out. Then I was in a M1 Abrams being swarmed over by Republican Guard troops. Then I was running and gunning for my life in the streets of some random Iraq town escorting truckloads of cash and being ambushed at every corner.

The good news is one of my Army friends that I've helped with similar issues, from more recent deployments, was at my side the entire side. I've always known he was a good friend, this just reinforced that he would be there in times of trouble. Good to know indeed, couldn't I have figured it out without needing a cold shower. It's amazing how the brain works.


  1. Didn't you just have a vacation?

    Actually, don't feel bad. I did too and since I've been back this last week and a half, I've had several instances of disturbed sleep.


    I've had to do the tape recorder thing as well. I hated doing it, I had a couple good conversations recorded that would have gotten the offender canned had I actually been forced to play them to the higher-ups. Luckily I never did.

    1. I dread vacations for this reason, can't defend yourself from anything when you are gone for a week and it builds itself into a landslide.

      Think I'll run the peak tomorrow, get some high altitude no oxygen workout in.

  2. i hope that this clears things up at work for you - there is nothing worse than absolutely hating a place that you have to be for 8 hours a day. i am glad that your tomatoes are doing well...mine are too! i'll be planting them out at the end of next week but they are doing fine on the plastic-wrapped porch! enjoy your run tomorrow, ya nut!

    your friend,