Friday, June 22, 2012

The bugs have shotguns

One of the great things about having a garden is trying to figure out what the hell the bugs are up to each year.
This year the aphids and the weevil population are at war. The aphids have shotguns but are leaving a horrible amount of collateral damage.

I'm going to do my second round of radish thinning and hope I have the situation under control. I tried several different solutions but not even the United Nations could stop the war. I got some spray stuff at a store and it worked great. This is the first year I've had issues with anything, but it's also the first year for radishes. When I replant in a few weeks I'll be sure and put a screen over that section.

It's going to be hot again for the next few days and I'm still stuck sitting around the house. I can walk with just a little pain but still can't run or bike. I'm going crazy in my own head. I was hoping some books I ordered would have showed up for the weekend, instead I'll putter around the yard working on my tan and get some more garden work in.

We had some good monster burgers last night with a sort of tropical topping. Onion, tomato, pepper fresh ginger and apple jelly.

Here is a final shot for the weekend. In bloom and looking great. Enjoy whatever fun things preppers do on weekends!


  1. You need to step in and win that war.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Max - sorry about the radishes getting attacked in the war but it is the roots of them that matter. and they look pretty good to me. don't pressure yourself about not being able to run - you gotta let yourself heal up properly buddy, and you certainly don't want to further injure yourself. i know it's tough - go read some blogs or something - bahahahah! thank goodness i just had a full plate of supper or i'd be licking the screen with that pic of the monster burger on it! have a great weekend!

    your friend,